Zone detection

cedricve asked for this feature about 4 years ago — 6 comments

cedricve commented about 4 years ago Admin

A zone that can be selected and count how many objects are inside the zone. Use cases are: - parking places, which shows if a parking place is free or occupied. - queues, count the number of people which are in a queue.

| pyrog commented almost 4 years ago

Could be used for example to estimated the wind speed (the webcam is spotted to the windsock of an airport)

| pyrog commented almost 4 years ago

The zone could be a vector or bitmap mask. Could be used also to hide (or blur) part of a image to respect privacy.

cedricve commented almost 4 years ago Admin

we'll start working on this but need more practical use cases. @pyrog thanks for the wind speed measuring application.

cameronbunce commented over 3 years ago

a short-circuit to this could be line-crossing metrics, and wind sock would be dependent on angle to the wind, so might be a heavier lift.

vgoncearencu commented over 3 years ago

Could be used on the roads to measure number of cars that passed between two line fo example. Applications: - Used by government to measure road throughput in different time of the days. Optimize traffic lights times. Detect traffic jams. - Used by publicity agencies to check which road is better to use for placing a billboard.

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