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Name Description Features Votes
filmhubhq/filmhubhq.github.io Our public website 11 5
mpvprod/mpvprod.github.io MPV Productions public website 0 0

Features suggested

Project Feature Score Description
filmhubhq/filmhubhq.github.io Case studies 2 Show us existing users who successfully use Filmhub, their specific situation and benefits.
filmhubhq/filmhubhq.github.io Activity log 1 show everything what happened with my movies


Project Feature Comment When
filmhubhq/filmhubhq.github.io Export Report Data (CSV) On our roadmap now. Thank you! almost 2 years ago
filmhubhq/filmhubhq.github.io Specify Which Channels have "Buy/Download" Options. To clarify, this would optionally disable buy/download in TVOD channels, but allow “rent for limited time”? over 2 years ago
filmhubhq/filmhubhq.github.io A new FAQs updated inside the platform for when you get an account. Hi and thank you for your contributions! Just a question, does the channel list (under Channels menu, or http://app.filmhub.com/owner/channels) do this for you? over 2 years ago


Vote When Project Feature
over 1 year ago Guake/guake Create Launchpad PPA for Latest Releases of Guake
about 3 years ago feathub/feathub Notify repository owner when new features are suggested
over 3 years ago filmhubhq/filmhubhq.github.io Case studies