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Name Description Features Votes
handsontable/handsontable Handsontable is an Excel-like data grid / spreadsheet for HTML & JavaScript 54 879

Features suggested

Project Feature Score Description
handsontable/handsontable Change tracking API 19
handsontable/handsontable Selection of non-consecutive cells 27
handsontable/handsontable Inline editing of headers 11
handsontable/handsontable Tooltips 38
handsontable/handsontable Server-side search 28
handsontable/handsontable Server-side filtering 44
handsontable/handsontable Server-side pagination 45
handsontable/handsontable Server-side sorting 33
handsontable/handsontable Better formula support 29
handsontable/handsontable Suggest a new feature 0 Would you like us to create something new that is not included in our roadmap? Just add it in a comment below.
handsontable/handsontable iOS/Android support 50
handsontable/handsontable Sync between instances 14
handsontable/handsontable Right-to-left support 14
handsontable/handsontable Responsiveness 74
handsontable/handsontable Transposing data 4
handsontable/handsontable Sorting on multiple columns 37
handsontable/handsontable Drag and drop between instances 14
handsontable/handsontable New cell types 24
handsontable/handsontable Infinite scroll 62
handsontable/handsontable Handling server-side errors 13
handsontable/handsontable Masked inputs 10
handsontable/handsontable Easy to customize themes 12
handsontable/handsontable Formula bar 24
handsontable/handsontable Pivot tables 28
handsontable/handsontable Indicator of an area being copied 8
handsontable/handsontable Remote collaboration 8
handsontable/handsontable Toolbar for WYSIWYG editing 20


Project Feature Comment When
handsontable/handsontable Grouping Thanks @ismrer for this suggestion. Please check if that is something you're looking for: over 1 year ago
handsontable/handsontable React Component Wrapper Hi guys, thanks for voting! It's almost done. You can check for on our GH repository: over 1 year ago
handsontable/handsontable Selection of non-consecutive cells That might be useful, indeed. A lot of work too (for instance, what to do with fill handle then, value propagation etc.). almost 3 years ago
handsontable/handsontable Editing the value of multiple cells @simardst I'm not sure I get it. Could you shed a more light on it? almost 3 years ago
handsontable/handsontable Charts @GabiAxel do you think of something specific like amCharts or HighCharts? almost 3 years ago
handsontable/handsontable Multi-column headers It is already developed for Handsontable Pro (not yet released though). For only it will work for columns only. almost 3 years ago
handsontable/handsontable New cell types This could be some of the following: (progress (up-down, left-right), stars, tel number, icon - button, tick icon ( custom states - true, false, custom), QRcode, ip number, number spinner, file size, rich text editor, video, audio, switch, google map, time (not a date!), email, range + switch to native formats on mobile devices, color picker, almost 3 years ago


Vote When Project Feature
over 2 years ago handsontable/handsontable Click to Input Cell Reference
almost 3 years ago handsontable/handsontable Server-side filtering
almost 3 years ago feathub/feathub Delete feature
almost 3 years ago handsontable/handsontable Handling server-side errors