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tidusjar/Ombi Modularization 2 I'm not sure how many of you use ombi in conjunction with a web manager (organizr/idashboard/muximux) But giving guest access to a one of those and having ombi available is AMAZING. I personally have organizr along with guest tabs for plex, ombi, tumblr (an easy way to run a blog to make announcements, recommendations, or anything else i want to communicate to my users), and mattermost (a work in progress that is basically a self hosted slack clone, so i can keep track of all notifications, and users can get rss feeds that matter to them, along with the ability to chat with each other/me, I'm also working on routing all ombi user notifications through email-->ifttt-->mattermost so they can use it as their central hub for all notifications and never have to leave the domain). It all makes for a pretty professional looking webapp. The one thing that is getting in the way of this beautiful workflow is jamie's insistence on building every god damn feature under the sun :)) OK, obviously that is amazing and I'm very grateful. BUT my request (and like most things i ask for, im not completely sure how this would play out exactly) I'm wondering if there would be a way to (optionally) separate features in the future. So for example, I saw a request to add a tv calendar for upcoming tv shows. While this is again AWESOME, it is something i have been trying to get through trakt (though they would need to enable iframes for it to work with organizr) But as a separate tab in organizr. The same goes for a web based "newsletter", and anything else that isn't specifically part of the core "plex requests". It would even make sense to spin out "issues" and the landing page. I understand this is not at all desirable to anyone that doesn't use a dashboard, but I'm putting this here to see if there are enough dashboard users, and if this "feature" is easy enough to incorporate that its considered.
Tautulli/Tautulli Instead of viewing history for "ALL" users or 1 specific user, let us view history for all users EXCEPT 1 or 2. 4 Basically I would like to see the history page EXCLUDING 1 or 2 power users. That info would be much more useful to me. I think the easiest way would be to have check boxes next to each user in the drop down, so we could either enable or disable each user individually from showing up in the history.
tidusjar/Ombi Sub-Zero integration 4 Pretty much all my "issues" are missing subtitles. Would be great if i could just handle that in ombi instead of having to go out to SZ to deal with it and then come back to mark the issue resolved. Based on this discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/PleX/comments/5smq2s/rplexs_tool_tuesday_thread_20170207_subzero/ddgzds3/
tidusjar/Ombi LazyLibrarian Support 61 I've seen this come up, but i can't remember if Jamie has made a ruling on it :) Since ombi is no longer plex only, i would REALLY love to see LL support. I would never give users access to sonarr/radarr, and the same is true of LL, so ombi really would be the missing f-ing link! It gets a bad rap, but ebook automation does work! It just desperately needs a front end for users. Plus this could just be turned off like music, and wouldn't get in anyone's way if they didn't want it.
causefx/Organizr Ombi Media Row 3 I propose a third (optional) media row dedicated to ombi. I don't think this would work without ombi sso support, but im hopping that once thats in place it will be possible to tie ombi user info to org. The result im looking for is to get a personalized row of media per user that shows their own requests, with some kind of indicator overlay that shows whether the title was accepted/rejected/fulfilled/pending, and a filter button to sort through those options.
causefx/Organizr Per user CSS and HTML 2 I think this would actually solve a TON of other low level feature requests (at least 3 of the feathub requests too). Instead of having a drop down for "Minimum authentication level for homepage", that drop down should just have all the user profiles, 1 for guest, and 1 default so we could add different code for each individual user. If no custom html exists for a user, it defaults to... default. And then do the exact same thing for the custom css. This would allow us a lot of creative freedom. We could have different messages popup in different users home pages, you could hide tabs... or really anything (like the now playing section for example), from specific users, and so much more... I think we could get a lot of creative mileage out of this one
tidusjar/Ombi "Follow" a movie/show 5 i think we need the ability to request something thats already been requested but i was thinking it would work better if it was a separate button (im thinking star icon) that basically "monitors" that title. It would do so independently of the request status, so u could even monitor something without requesting it (though not sure why u would do that) but this would make it so that ANYTHING that happens w that title gets u a notification... it gets accepted/rejected in ombi, added to plex, removed from plex, replaced w a different quality, subs added/modified, a new issue is reported/resolved, etc... all trigger a notification to whoever is "monitoring" it.
Flexget/Flexget NZBHydra Plugin 1 I'm hoping an nzbhydra2 plugin would allow us to only need to configure 1 recipe for all indexers, instead of doing them one by one. If you're unaware, https://github.com/theotherp/nzbhydra2 is a consolidation tool/meta search agent for all your indexers/trackers. Incredibly superior to dealing with them all one by one.


Project Feature Comment When
causefx/Organizr Ombi Media Row ohhh... forgot to mention, the way this actually could work now would be to group all requests together so the row is the same for all users... just a stream of media like "recently added" but for fulfilled ombi requests over 3 years ago
causefx/Organizr Viewing Level for Now playing Org v1.5 brings css id's for admin/user/guest. To set the now playing feature to admin only, drop `.group-guest #plexRowNowPlaying, .group-user #plexRowNowPlaying {display: none;}` in your custom css box. over 3 years ago
causefx/Organizr Speed Test should have separate user level association from global-homepage access Cause just added support for css id's for admin/user/guest. This means a LOT of these FR's are now possible with custom css. If you would like the speedtest button to be enabled ONLY for admin and user, you can add this to your custom css box `.group-guest #startBtn {display: none;}`. (You will need to be on Organizr v1.5 for this to work) over 3 years ago
causefx/Organizr "Close all tabs" function theres actually a keyboard shortcut for this... F5 ;) lol jk over 3 years ago
causefx/Organizr Ombi Integration into Plex Media Search I would REALLY ask that this be done as an option... I dont want to fragment the request system... if org requests can do everything that ombi does then fine, ill keep ombi as the back end, but otherwise I personally would much rather keep requests in the ombi tab... NOW if you want to add a "request with ombi" button to the media popup tiles, that just links through to the ombi tab (like plex media link through's) THAT would be the tits! But personally i would much rather keep requests in one place. Actually now that i think about it, this would be a really cool feature, If you search for something that exists you get the "open in plex" button next to the trailer button, if not, u get the "request in ombi" button next to the trailer button. over 3 years ago
causefx/Organizr Hide Tabs without deactivating them You can do this now with custom css. For ombi If you're using a subdomain: ``` #https\:\/\/ombi\.yourdomain\.comx { display: none; } ``` or for subdirectory: ``` #https\:\/\/www\.yourdomain\.com\/ombix { display: none; } ``` For chat: ``` #chat\.phpx { display: none; } ``` over 3 years ago
tidusjar/Ombi LazyLibrarian Support [DobyTang](https://github.com/DobyTang/LazyLibrarian) fork is active af! And i already brought this up w the dev and he said ombi should have api access for everything it needs, and would be willing to work w u if anything was missing (paraphrasing). I've only been playing around with it for a few days, but im starting to think it is a very underrated tool. Again - early testing, but so far, it looks like another CP-esque misunderstood app that is capable of quite a bit, as long as you put in the work to configure properly. But yeah, definitely the dobytang fork over 3 years ago
tidusjar/Ombi Modularization Well logging in is actually another issue that i have a few ideas for. But the main problem here isn't that. Organizr tabs are just like regular tabs in a browser. As long as you are logged in, it will apply across any other tabs, so you would only need to log in once. The problem with this is... continuity. If I'm on the search tab and i hit the "issues" tab in organizr, yes, im taken to the correct place... but if i then hit the "search" button in ombi on that page, im not brought back to the search page, inside the "issues" organizer tab. You can see how this would quickly deteriorate. This makes a poor user experience, especially when the whole point of me setting up plex, ombi, etc inside organizr was to make the entire ecosystem as easy as possible for my tech-illiterate family. The solution would be to have a switch (or even a deeper integration with organizr if you guys are willing to work together) that removes those navigation buttons from ombi when it is being used in conjunction with a dashboard app. I think this kind of modularization, while perhaps not immediately useful to everyone, would open the door to a lot of "outside the scope" features that I've seen you express interest in. The tv calendar being at the top of that list! I even have a few more ideas for features that would make more sense if this type of configuration was in place. almost 4 years ago
tidusjar/Ombi Modularization hahaha. fair enough.... although it would have helped if the text field was larger than 2 lines!! lol almost 4 years ago
tidusjar/Ombi Request Rejection I believe the term we're looking for here is "blacklist". This would be useful as well so that if another user went to add that item it would not let them and would say "blacklisted".... plus the notification to the op would be good too. about 4 years ago
tidusjar/Ombi Integrate with PlexPy do you mean the same info thats already in plexpy? Or are you saying you could pull something new? i dont think i understand. about 4 years ago


Vote When Project Feature
almost 2 years ago Flexget/Flexget NZBHydra Plugin
about 2 years ago lidarr/Lidarr Support for audiobooks
over 2 years ago tidusjar/Ombi Add trakt.tv Support
almost 3 years ago Tautulli/Tautulli Streaming Brain Graph
almost 3 years ago causefx/Organizr "Open tab in..." options
about 3 years ago tidusjar/Ombi "Follow" a movie/show
over 3 years ago causefx/Organizr Setting to disable split screen tabs
over 3 years ago causefx/Organizr Per user CSS and HTML
over 3 years ago causefx/Organizr Ombi Media Row
over 3 years ago causefx/Organizr Plex Single-Sign-On
over 3 years ago causefx/Organizr Ombi Integration into Plex Media Search
over 3 years ago tidusjar/Ombi Allow custom header logo images in all forms of email communication
over 3 years ago tidusjar/Ombi LazyLibrarian Support
almost 4 years ago tidusjar/Ombi Sub-Zero integration
almost 4 years ago Tautulli/Tautulli Instead of viewing history for "ALL" users or 1 specific user, let us view history for all users EXCEPT 1 or 2.
almost 4 years ago tidusjar/Ombi Allow Users to Report Issues per Episode or per Season for TV Shows
almost 4 years ago tidusjar/Ombi Hyperlink Email Notifications
almost 4 years ago tidusjar/Ombi Extensible People Searching for Actors/Actresses
almost 4 years ago tidusjar/Ombi Modularization
almost 4 years ago tidusjar/Ombi Blu ray release dates
almost 4 years ago tidusjar/Ombi Integrate with PlexPy
about 4 years ago tidusjar/Ombi Request Rejection
about 4 years ago tidusjar/Ombi Plex DVR Support
about 4 years ago tidusjar/Ombi Emby support
about 4 years ago tidusjar/Ombi Ability to toggle the plex server status paragraph on landing page
about 4 years ago tidusjar/Ombi Allow multi users to get notification of content