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liaralabs/swizzin A simple, modular seedbox solution 45 613

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Project Feature Score Description
liaralabs/swizzin Seafile 7
liaralabs/swizzin Organizr 37


Project Feature Comment When
liaralabs/swizzin InspIRCd 3 + anope Unfortunately, not the scope of this project about 1 month ago
liaralabs/swizzin Custom user directory Consider using a bind mount to link /mnt/disk1 to /home/user These sorts of customizations are a bit beyond what I'd like to be merging into the project as you can customize this yourself without affecting the functions of the project. 9 months ago
liaralabs/swizzin Intergration of a Free web-hosting panel This is not at all the scope of the project. Sorry. 11 months ago
liaralabs/swizzin monitorr Agreed -- this is largely what the panel already does and it would introduce potential conflicts over the "root" owner of the nginx instance (panel vs other dashboard apps). 11 months ago
liaralabs/swizzin Lidarr package Added. 11 months ago
liaralabs/swizzin WHMCS Module Not at all the scope of this project, sorry. about 1 year ago
liaralabs/swizzin Openvpn Wireguard VPN has been added. OpenVPN is not slated for inclusion at this time. If you **absolutely** need it, please consider utilizing a script such as: over 1 year ago
liaralabs/swizzin aria2 + WebUI aria2 is banned on every private tracker I've seen on because it reports erroneous stats to the tracker. I don't see this being included, sorry. about 2 years ago


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almost 2 years ago tidusjar/Ombi Watcher 3 Support