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Name Description Features Votes
liaralabs/swizzin A simple, modular seedbox solution 50 676

Features suggested

Project Feature Score Description
liaralabs/swizzin Organizr 39
liaralabs/swizzin Seafile 7


Project Feature Comment When
liaralabs/swizzin InspIRCd 3 + anope Unfortunately, not the scope of this project 3 months ago
liaralabs/swizzin Custom user directory Consider using a bind mount to link /mnt/disk1 to /home/user These sorts of customizations are a bit beyond what I'd like to be merging into the project as you can customize this yourself without affecting the functions of the project. 11 months ago
liaralabs/swizzin Intergration of a Free web-hosting panel This is not at all the scope of the project. Sorry. about 1 year ago
liaralabs/swizzin monitorr Agreed -- this is largely what the panel already does and it would introduce potential conflicts over the "root" owner of the nginx instance (panel vs other dashboard apps). about 1 year ago
liaralabs/swizzin Lidarr package Added. about 1 year ago
liaralabs/swizzin WHMCS Module Not at all the scope of this project, sorry. over 1 year ago
liaralabs/swizzin Openvpn Wireguard VPN has been added. OpenVPN is not slated for inclusion at this time. If you **absolutely** need it, please consider utilizing a script such as: over 1 year ago
liaralabs/swizzin aria2 + WebUI aria2 is banned on every private tracker I've seen on because it reports erroneous stats to the tracker. I don't see this being included, sorry. about 2 years ago


Vote When Project Feature
about 2 years ago tidusjar/Ombi Watcher 3 Support