Basic SSH hardening and configuration

flying-sausages asked for this feature 4 months ago — 5 comments

flying-sausages commented 4 months ago

A user opt-in during installation and a script for after installation for changing port, disabling root ssh access, setting up env, and other stuff.

| flying-sausages commented 4 months ago

could just be things like: ``` Do you want to change your SSH port? #1) Yes #2) No 1

Random or set it yourself? #1) Random #2) Set 2

Please choose a port: 3827

Do you want to change root login permissions? 1) Yes 2) No 1

What level? etc etc ``` - @Liara, (C) 2020

| allanrehhoff commented 3 months ago

Not sure if this should be a seperate idea or fits here.

But something such as Fail2Ban would be ideal for rate limitting login attempts.

| flying-sausages commented 3 months ago

@allan f2b is already active on install

Xolsurf3r commented 3 months ago

This was already addressed already and author does not plan to implement these in the code. As a plus, fail2ban is included!

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