Support for application:user permissions

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flying-sausages commented 5 months ago

Mutli-user apps by default add an application to all users, and there is no real way to "remove" an application from a user.

It would be sweet to have a way to manage who can have access to which mutli-user applications.

This could be achieved by creating a box manage function which could follow the following examples

box manage transmission remove -u user1 user 2

box manage transmission remove --all-managed

box manage transmission add -u user3

box manage transmission add --all-managed

Storing "permissions" could be achieved by inserting the names of the box users into the respective /install/*.lock files.

By default, when a new application would be installed, only the master would have the application installed. After any succesfull installation, a prompt to "add to all existing users?" could be shown, which would decide whether or not to pre-configure the rest of the installed users

By default, when a new user is created, an interactive prompt/whiptail could be presented to select which multi-user apps to configure.

To make this feasible and maintainable, it would be handy to rewrite a bunch of the installers, and properly handle the "permission management" in such a way that it can be easily called from the "add user" and "delete user" box functions as well, in order to simplify the code. A proper list of how "multi-user" applications are should be also kept within the code, so that this can be tracked in one single place.

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