Import Spotify playlist

kadfd asked for this feature 11 months ago — 3 comments

kadfd commented 11 months ago

In spotfiy you can select tracks or press ctrl+a and then do a right click and select share->copy song links or press ctrl+c to copy a list of links. it would be nice if Lidarr could import this links, search for the tracks and download them automatically.

Alternatively i could imagine a complete spotify integration where you hand your account credentials to Lidarr

jerblack commented 10 months ago

Also add the ability to automatically grab from followed artists or artists and albums that you've added to "Your Music"

Guegs commented 10 months ago

This is a useful website that can be a place to start when looking at an import feature. You can convert between a few different places, so the import feature could be expanded to more than just Spotify.

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