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SJPadbury asked for this feature about 3 years ago — 8 comments

SJPadbury commented about 3 years ago

Is there any way to get Lidarr to default to a specific release for albums? I'm slowly importing my library, and it seems I'm spending a lot of time selecting the album versions to get the correct country of release, and a more useful medium. For example it picks Japan an awful lot, even though the number of available tracks makes the US version the obvious choice (12 tracks vs 10). Or it picks the Vinyl version which screws up the track order and labels it with A and B instead of the CD version.

Like, if I could tell it to default to US CD release and that be the default, it would solve like 90% of my matching issues.

| D4rkSl4ve commented almost 3 years ago

This would be awesome, I am running into the same issue; to the point, that I stopped using Lidarr to actually manage my music, but to ONLY get new music.

| markbsigler commented over 2 years ago

Release preferences including country and media. I tend to have a bias towards collecting the earliest version, or a deluxe or remastered edition. At minimum, it would be useful to include the release year in the edit album release.

| webvictim commented over 2 years ago

+1 for this. Now I actually look into it, I'm finding that basically all my albums have selected the wrong release. Just the ability to say "default to CD" and "default to United Kingdom" would probably solve 90% of the issues.

pr0xyfl00d3r commented over 2 years ago

is this a thing?

| rickylford commented over 1 year ago

Not sure if this ever got traction, or if the devs ever saw it...but this is something that is keeping me from allowing Lidarr to actually manage my music. I hate getting Vinyl rips, and would much prefer to just get a US CD release.

| gannas42 commented 10 months ago

Many album Such Japan Wow mess

| cleverestx commented 4 months ago

Such a basic thing. Has this been done yet?

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