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AwsomeFox asked for this feature 8 months ago — 7 comments

AwsomeFox commented 8 months ago

Add the same functionality for audiobooks. I think you can use the audible API like in this node project Would be a great feature since there's nothing like this for audiobooks.

| seanap commented 8 months ago

It'd be great if this could work with the FL Wedges on MaM. Also having a "Prefered Filetype" which works like the quality settings in Sonarr where I could say that I prefered mp4 files, and it would grab the mp3 if thats the only one available, but update to the mp4 if that becomes available at a later date.

It would also be great if it could embed all the info from the audible api (author, title, plot, cover art, etc) into the id3 tags.

| seanap commented 8 months ago

I meant m4b not mp4

| darendark commented 6 months ago

Love this idea!

| adamskoog commented 6 months ago

This would be a nice addition to my Sonarr and Radarr lineup. I don't do much with music, but Audiobooks would be very handy.

| samuel-emrys commented 5 months ago

This would be awesome. please do this. I currently have no good way to manage audio books

| lincalinca commented 4 months ago

I've added it as a FR on GH, btw:

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