Discogs as a Datasource

YipYup asked for this feature almost 3 years ago — 17 comments

YipYup commented almost 3 years ago

Discogs is an excellent database that complements MusicBrainz. It would be awesome to have Lidarr support metadata information from the Discogs database.

| scaronni commented over 2 years ago

Also, discogs has more correct information on less common records.

| greenxeyezz commented over 2 years ago

Couldn't agree more, I understand its low on the totem pole, but music brainz, just sucks. literally. #1 reason why I cannot rely on lidarr.

So many albums mis-represented, mis-titled, mis-everything on musicbrainz that cannot be fixed or changed. With discogs, simple enough to fix anything wrong, and plenty of information that is already correct.

| veksha commented over 2 years ago

this feature request should be in TOP!

| iruoy commented over 2 years ago

I think this i actually quite important. If you look at the two sources for the same artist you'll see that MusicBrainz only lists 3 albums, 3 singles and a compiliation, while Discogs lists 4 albums, 4 EPs, a DJ Mix and 39 other singles/releases.

| LesKent commented over 2 years ago

Absolutely needed. For an very old artist like Jabbo Smiith:

MusicBrainz has only 1 complete release and 1 other release with missing data:

With Discogs 21 releases with no apparent missing data.

Many others examples like this available.

| YodaSpow commented about 2 years ago

Totally need this as release for: Red Sonja (Original Soundtrack) (1985) on discogs: is not available on musicbrainz which would on manual import in queue would glitch rename the 2 only flac files. (

| bwfan49 commented about 2 years ago

I agree we should have Discogs as a de facto source. I currently scan all my albums with MP3 tag and Discogs. Works A+.

| FactoryBlack commented almost 2 years ago

I've been checking the progress of this particular feature almost daily since installing lidarr. Would love to receive an update on just how feasible this is. Many auto-taggers seem to navigate their way around discogs' API without any difficulties.

| salazr commented over 1 year ago

Not much else to add. Top feature needed.

ColinSandercock commented over 1 year ago

Any progress on this - the Discogs database has so much more in it - and not just minor artists - examples of artists missing data in Musicbrainz includes AC/DC, Johnny Winter, Led Zep, ... About half the albums or releases I have for them are missing in MB

| DjRicko commented 11 months ago

This is a must have, even with the scripts to import discogs into musicbrainz, it takes way too long for that information to actually propagate into the mirror run by lidarr... It's still missing albums added back in the end of 2019.

| jdomingi commented 10 months ago

Yeah musicbrainz sucks hardcore

| smd100 commented 9 months ago

Discogs datasource is by far #1 requested feature at the moment - any plans to get this up and running? (Used Discogs auto-tagging in MediaMonkey for ages and it's awesome - much much more comprehensive database than Musicbrainz.)

| PriamX commented 6 months ago

At-least for soundtrack metadata Discogs seems to be a much better library than musicbrainz.

| TomyB76 commented 3 months ago

Please, please, please

jriggz commented about 2 months ago

Yes, please. I just started using lidarr and its matching is atrocious (because of Musicbrainz).

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