Discogs as a Datasource

YipYup asked for this feature about 1 year ago — 8 comments

YipYup commented about 1 year ago

Discogs is an excellent database that complements MusicBrainz. It would be awesome to have Lidarr support metadata information from the Discogs database.

| scaronni commented 11 months ago

Also, discogs has more correct information on less common records.

| greenxeyezz commented 11 months ago

Couldn't agree more, I understand its low on the totem pole, but music brainz, just sucks. literally. #1 reason why I cannot rely on lidarr.

So many albums mis-represented, mis-titled, mis-everything on musicbrainz that cannot be fixed or changed. With discogs, simple enough to fix anything wrong, and plenty of information that is already correct.

| veksha commented 10 months ago

this feature request should be in TOP!

| iruoy commented 6 months ago

I think this i actually quite important. If you look at the two sources for the same artist you'll see that MusicBrainz only lists 3 albums, 3 singles and a compiliation, while Discogs lists 4 albums, 4 EPs, a DJ Mix and 39 other singles/releases.

| LesKent commented 6 months ago

Absolutely needed. For an very old artist like Jabbo Smiith:

MusicBrainz has only 1 complete release and 1 other release with missing data:

With Discogs 21 releases with no apparent missing data.

Many others examples like this available.

| YodaSpow commented 6 months ago

Totally need this as release for: Red Sonja (Original Soundtrack) (1985) on discogs: is not available on musicbrainz which would on manual import in queue would glitch rename the 2 only flac files. (

| bwfan49 commented 4 months ago

I agree we should have Discogs as a de facto source. I currently scan all my albums with MP3 tag and Discogs. Works A+.

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