Keep 'SELECTED ONLY' Songs on an Album (after completed download)

D4rkSl4ve asked for this feature almost 2 years ago — 1 comment

D4rkSl4ve commented almost 2 years ago

(feature) Yes, we like to collect albums; complete albums. BUT, what if there is just couple of songs you want from an album?

(solution) Taking some of the power that Lidarr has, I wonder if there could be a checkbox to the left of each song, which they are all selected by default when you add an artist, but lets say for the sake of not wanting ALL their songs, as we only listen to the top songs, we uncheck the songs we don't want/like/care for, and AFTER the album has been donwloaded and processed, as they are by Lidarr, we can run some kind of {if unchecked, delete from album folder}. This would give the quick option of having a fast playlist with only the songs we care for, instead of having to pick/choose the songs to THEN create a playlist.

(scenario) When you have +100GB in music, it is hard to pick/choose your music, but with such option, as the artists are being added (since we have to manually), at THAT moment, once Lidarr loads all the albums as per our choice of Album, Broadcast, EP, Single, Studio, etc., we could go on each album that we cared not to have all the songs, and pick/choose. But so it's easier for Lidarr and coding, do it AFTER it has downloaded and processed.

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