Please allow Interval adjustment for Task: Refresh Artists.

hikaricore asked for this feature 5 months ago — 18 comments

hikaricore commented 5 months ago

Table Name - ScheduledTasks
ID #5 - NzbDrone.Core.Music.Commands.RefreshArtistCommand
Interval - 1440

Ideally, especially for those of us for larger libraries or limited resources, this would be adjustable by the number of days we see fit. I've attempted to edit this manually within lidarr.db, but Lidarr does not seem to respect this change and either overwrites or ignores it. For some users, even disabling it may be appreciated as noted here:

Edit: Just as a point of reference, this is what we're up against:

| cameronrbrown commented 5 months ago

I concur. It's often the only thing happening on my hard drives. Let them rest

| streat90 commented 4 months ago

I agree, with large libraries this results in an effectively endlessly running task.

| tro-co commented 4 months ago


| dcman commented 4 months ago

I agree.

| quindarious-gooch commented 3 months ago

Thumbs up. I often find this process smashing my server at the expense of other more time critical apps like Plex.

| hikaricore commented 3 months ago

Even an option to cancel it from the Tasks page would help in the meantime. I'm trying to update Lidarr, but the update won't process until the Refresh Artists task completes 12+ hours (we're 15 minutes into the full refresh of my 558 artists) from now.

| Keldwan commented 3 months ago

I have 1500+ artists, Refresh Artists literally runs 24/7 on my system. I finally ended up setting the service to manual start so it will only run when I want it to. I actually don't even monitor a lot of the artists I have as they are not producing new content anymore. My suggestion would be to only do a refresh of artists that are in monitor status as that content is the most likely to change.

| hikaricore commented 3 months ago

Sorry, I meant to say 120+ hours. XD

| al-bondigas commented 3 months ago

+1, this missing functionality is the only thing keeping me from using Lidarr.

scootied commented 3 months ago

+1 I've got 1500+ artists and my scan never ends!

scootied commented 3 months ago

I've gone back to headphones until this is sorted out. It really makes the app unusable which is a shame as it's awesome apart from this issue which, I am guessing, is a 5 minute fix for anyone who knows the source code (which I unfortunately don't). I'd pay $10 to get this fixed ASAP :)

| romprod commented 2 months ago

Yeah ditto on this. I can't understand why there's a need to keep re-scanning it anyway. Surely it's scanned once and that's it unless changes have been detected? 100% stopping me from using this over Headphones.

| streat90 commented 2 months ago

Agreed, this is the only thing holding me back from using Lidarr

| Faeton73 commented about 2 months ago

Yes, this feature is a must! Over 1800+ artists in my library, and lidarr hogs one of the cpus continuously

glberen commented 22 days ago

Yes, please!

stoofz commented 16 days ago

Yes Please!!

| kzuidema commented 6 days ago

Yes Please!

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