Automatically split single file albums via .CUE file

ChaosBlades asked for this feature over 2 years ago — 3 comments

ChaosBlades commented over 2 years ago

A significant amount of lossless audio you can download with Lidarr is single file ape or flac and has a cue file. Lidarr should be able to split these single album files into individual tracks then process the album.

| YodaSpow commented over 2 years ago

Can this be added as I have to do this manually once i get the files, using this tool( to split the files from the cue. If this could be done directly this would be awesome. If there is a script to do it that would be good like a post-process.

| vKnmnn commented over 1 year ago

A user posted a script that comverts these files. it's in post#10

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