Use Beets as the library management backend

retrography asked for this feature 12 months ago — 4 comments

retrography commented 12 months ago

Use beets for library management instead of reinventing the wheel. It supports all formats you may want to support, it has extensive tagging capabilities, it relies on MusicBrainz and potentially Discogs for tagging, etc, and its autotagger does similarity measurement to match the best "release", including the use of audio fingerprinting.

| JohanSF commented 11 months ago

beets integration would be so frickin awesome

| disrupted commented 11 months ago

this would be killer! beets is awesome and makes for a truly automated and perfectly organised music library

| HerHde commented 4 months ago

instead of reinventing the wheel Indeed. Also it would be the best of two worlds.

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