Webhooks when players from a list joins or ends match

BrianGlory asked for this feature 4 months ago — 2 comments

BrianGlory commented 4 months ago

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I'd like to be able to receive a webhook call when someone in a list of player usernames from a server region enters or finishes a match. To also ensure privacy to those who would not like to have their matches be tracked, perhaps also include an opt-out feature so that the webhooks are not fired for those users.

The data I'd like for this webhook are:

Match Participants Match ID (used to look up information for the match) Match Result (on finish) My use for this webhook is to automatically sort users in my Discord server into voice channels with their teammates when they start a match. - justin97530

genexp commented about 2 months ago Admin

This was accepted and is almost finished.

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