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Anuken/Mindustry Commander Mech 0 A mech built for versatile drone army command. It offers the basic command center functions to be executed on-the-move with additional commands to enhance strategic gameplay of Mindustry, as opposed to the usual "Build, Wait, Attack" Self-defense-wise it is equipped with basic attack turrets, possibly dagger turrets and has moderate speed and high agility. Scores above average in defense. ### Options: *These are options that determine which drones will receive the command* All: Issue commands to all units (should be keybound). Default* Select: Select a group of units Ground: All ground units Air: All aerial units ### Commands: *Commands that will be issued to the SELECTED drones* Right-clicking on the mech itself, multiple options will be displayed: Attack: - Attack command identical to command center, and will override command center option Retreat: Rally: Defend: - Drones will move towards the outer perimeter of player's base (or a limited range), and distribute themselves (possibly prioritize less-defended areas), same goes for aerial units. Will not attack even in-range enemy units unless provoked first. In the case of an attack, Drones will not leave base and begin defending, will also prioritize enemies near the core. Move: - Move the selected units to a specified position
Anuken/Mindustry Pure Construction Mechs with Capacity for Multi-Building 0 Mechs that are made purely for building. These mechs will have the capacity to build multiple blocks/buildings at once and will always utilize their building speed to full capacity. Optionally, one can toggle between building less blocks at a faster speed, or distributing its building power to many blocks for less speed. TLDR prioritization of build count over build speed and vice versa It has no weapons at all and is vulnerable, and slow; meant for players who work away from fire. Another feature is its ability to utilize phase fabric to speed up its building capacity even further. By carrying phase fabric, a build speed buff is added to the mech and the phase fabric is periodically consumed #### Other possible feature(s): - Toggle to set the mech to automatically reconstruct destroyed tiles with priorities carrying from normal gameplay - Make mech use additional resources to build as balancing #### Concern(s): - May be used to wall spam in PVP ##### Possible solution: - Mech will be unable to rebuild on tiles broken by enemies for a specific amount of time - Mechs will overheat when building too many tiles at once AND many enemies are within range; goes hand-in-hand with its function of being for players who are not too close to enemies
Anuken/Mindustry Fix Large nodes not auto-connecting when making power lines 1 I believe this to be caused due to them being farther away than the game expects, and they can still be connected, albeit manually.
Anuken/Mindustry Diagonal conveyors snap to 45 degree angles 0 Make an option that allows none-pathfinding diagonal conveyors to snap to 45 degree angles
Anuken/Mindustry Option to make drones (draugs miners) invisible 2 Weird but would help with frame drops, this would apply to resources going into base too
Anuken/Mindustry Arcs can stun enemies 0 Arcs have a chance to stun enemy drones, leaving them immobile for a small period of time
Anuken/Mindustry Making Builder Drones more efficient by allowing them to work on different blocks at once 1 Builder drones should work on multiple blocks at once in the case of instant builds such as conveyors, where they usually just wait and not do anything until a block that takes a long time (i.e. plastanium) is being built, then will they start to help out. Builder Drones should have maximum uptime and should never be idle when helping players build/destroy just because the player is putting down a bunch of conveyors. TL;DR: If the player can build a block very fast (instantly) i.e. conveyors, then the other drones should start building other blocks in the schematic/build queue and not wait for the player to build a slow block
Anuken/Mindustry New Save Button for Save Game and all similar UI moved to top of page 1 Just a simple feature, so that people with many saves need not scroll to the bottom of the list or use the scroll bar
Anuken/Mindustry Show core resource contents when in the schematics menu 2
Anuken/Mindustry Auto-Bridges 3 Like the implemented auto-junction feature, automatically place bridge conveyors when making conveyor lines over conduits and vice versa
Anuken/Mindustry More Darkness features 1 Turrets should not normally be able to attack enemies in the dark or range is limited and accuracy is reduced. This can be countered in 3 ways Enemies illuminated by light above a certain threshold will be fully detected by turrets, below this and range is limited and attacks, inaccurate. Illuminators - Normal in-game blocks emit light. Searchlights - Like illuminators, but these beam light from the tile in a somewhat conical manner. Can move and track enemies. They will not detect enemies right away but will sweep in a circular/semi-circular motion and track the first enemy they encounter. Radar - Provides turrets within its range normal visibility of enemies, reverting the darkness' effect, largest range. Highlights enemies in a somewhat greenish tinge. Does not emit light.
Anuken/Mindustry Connected Textures for certain blocks 0 Toggleable feature (in graphics) which allows some blocks to render with connected textures depending on its neighbour blocks Examples are found here: The examples were my attempt at connecting copper wall textures, only meant to show how they would look like. They still behave as normal tiled walls, and the damage overlay would still appear over the block that was damaged.


Project Feature Comment When
Anuken/Mindustry New Turret "Railun" It would be nice to see it pierce multiple enemies as well, not all but maybe a few. 6 months ago
Anuken/Mindustry Higher tier force projector. I suggest that it can take another output like surge or plastanium, this will decrease damage taken from arc type attacks, possibly by reducing the reach of the arc through the umbrella itself, which would be useful against eradicators 6 months ago
Anuken/Mindustry Invincible Block (only in sandbox/editor) maybe make separate blocks for invincible and impassable/invincible blocks, since I can think of ways both would be useful 6 months ago
Anuken/Mindustry UI Themes yes 6 months ago
Anuken/Mindustry Rebuild button Phantom drones are still useful since they still contribute to build/rebuild speeds 6 months ago
Anuken/Mindustry Remote core input block. Aka teleporters? Which were stressed by Anuken that it would not be implemented 6 months ago


Vote When Project Feature
4 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Diagonal conveyors snap to 45 degree angles
5 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Arcs can stun enemies
5 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Access Schematic Library Easier (e.g. from main menu)
5 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Filter 1x1 Block
5 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Bridge routers
6 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Commander Mech
6 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Pure Construction Mechs with Capacity for Multi-Building
6 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Armored plastanium conduit- now with self anti-leaking mechanism
6 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Ability to choose what resource is mined
6 months ago Anuken/Mindustry New Turret "Railun"
6 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Higher tier force projector.
6 months ago Anuken/Mindustry UI Themes
6 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Range, coverage, and damage display "filters"
6 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Allow to start another base without finishing an existing one
6 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Longclick the plus sign in the loadout to make it go up automatically