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lidarr/Lidarr Allow 'Not' operator in custom next/last filters to inverse the operation 2 For example if wanting to be able to filter artists which 'do not' have albums due in the next 6 months.


Project Feature Comment When
Tautulli/Tautulli Additional Notification Agent - "Join" I'm using the join notification agent to push detail of what's playing into Tasker which is then creating a notification with poster art etc. As such I now get 2 notifications, the developer of join says you can stop a join push by not adding a subject; however PlexPy forces a subject to be used. Any way of removing this restriction please? over 3 years ago


Vote When Project Feature
10 months ago lidarr/Lidarr Support for audiobooks
10 months ago lidarr/Lidarr Write ID3-Tags during postprocessing
about 1 year ago lidarr/Lidarr Select default Release County and Medium
over 1 year ago lidarr/Lidarr Ability to follow a label
over 1 year ago lidarr/Lidarr Ability to add OST
over 1 year ago lidarr/Lidarr Ability to follow a "serie"
over 1 year ago lidarr/Lidarr Option to wait until release date before searching.
over 1 year ago lidarr/Lidarr Top 40
over 2 years ago tidusjar/Ombi Notification Agent: Join
over 3 years ago Tautulli/Tautulli Additional Notification Agent - "Join"