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Features suggested

Project Feature Score Description
linuxserver/ aMule docker 0 For eDonkey/Kad downloads
linuxserver/ Cherrymusic docker 0 For streaming your music across net
linuxserver/ Get_iPlayer docker 0 For downloading BBC audio & video content (works in UK only unless using a VPN)
linuxserver/ Comictagger docker 1 For tagging your Comic collections with COmicvine NFO
linuxserver/ DuckDNS (or Other Free DNS provider) Client docker 8 To auto update your IP for those running webservers etc
linuxserver/ Mylar docker 4 For Comic management and download
linuxserver/ Jackett docker 5 For amalgamation of torrent sources to provide a feed for Sonarr/Sickrage etc
GhostWriters/DockSTARTer Extra Dockers 4 Shamlessly selfish but linuxserver/ubooquity - Ebooks n Comics linuxserver/mcmyadmin2 - Minecraft server(s)


Project Feature Comment When
GhostWriters/DockSTARTer Extra Dockers Thanks :-) about 2 years ago


Vote When Project Feature
over 3 years ago linuxserver/ pi-hole
over 3 years ago linuxserver/ Deluge with VPN
over 4 years ago linuxserver/ dupuGuru Docker: Standard, Music and Picture Editions
over 4 years ago linuxserver/ NZBHydra Container
over 4 years ago linuxserver/ PlexRequests
over 4 years ago linuxserver/ Ubooquity Container