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LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Show (increased) effect of curses on the Calcs tab 0 It's currently impossible to tell how much total increase to curse effect you have on your tree without counting it manually, despite the nodes being recognized and counted internally. Also, in cases with utility curses like Temporal Chains which have no direct influence on the DPS, it's impossible to tell how exactly their effects improve without a calculator. This makes it impossible to tell via PoB e.g. how much slower a cursed enemy becomes (especially factoring in stuff like Chill and other speed debuffs).
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Rage still doesn't affect movement speed 0 Should give 1% increased movement speed per 5 Rage. Currently does nothing.
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Implement support for Taunt 0 Add "Is the enemy Taunted?" configuration option, the chance to Taunt on the calculation tab, and factor the 10% less damage dealt into the damage taken calculation if the box is checked. Sources of Taunt include minions (e.g. with a Ghastly Eye jewel mod or Siegebreaker), Redblade Band, Warcries, Decoy Totem, and Champion/Ascendant nodes.
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Show damage reflected to self on the Calcs tab 1 If the player does any reflectable damage with the selected skill, show it (min, max, avg hit, DPS) somewhere on the Calcs tab, perhaps in the Damage Taken pane. Notify the user if it can instantly kill them by highlighting the value. Perhaps a corresponding area modifier option should be added to the Configuration tab.
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Implement support for Precursor's Emblem 0 The ring is a little counterintuitive due to how different constituent rings expand or limit its mod set. There are 27 major variants that are all listed in this spreadsheet: The most user-friendly way to implement it would be to let the user pick a Valley, Meadow, and Mountain they want to use, and present the mod pool based on that. Picking enabled mods and resolving mod conflicts can be done the same way as when crafting a new item. Listing *all* possible mod combinations as separate variants (even internally) is unreasonable; the number is stupidly high. Likely better to only consider the 27 constituent ring combinations as "variants" and treat it as a craftable item with its own specific mod set. Further discussion here:
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Add full support for Paradoxica 0 Currently doesn't exist in the unique item list, although the main mod (Attacks with this Weapon deal Double Damage) seems to be recognized correctly. Veiled mods have to be added/changed via manual editing, though, which is quite inconvenient.
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Fix "Enable Holy Relic's Boon Aura" 0 1. It doesn't work, as in it doesn't change life regen values in any way on any build. I think it has been broken in Openarl's version for a while. 2. It's not an aura. :) It's a buff granted to HR's allies when they are hit by its nova spell.
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Expand accuracy/evasion statistics 0 1. Add "Chance to hit Evasive monsters" to the Calcs tab. 2. Likewise with "Chance to evade Accurate monsters". The game already has already had these stats displayed in the character info for a while. Not cool to have PoB of all things lag behind. :)
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Add full support for Gladiator's Violent Retaliation 0 The current implementation misses one of the temporary buffs from Violent Retaliation, namely the one that grants +1% block chance and +8% increased global physical damage per hit blocked in the past 10 seconds. It's not a sustainable buff, but playing with its numbers in PoB makes it easier to tell e.g. how high it needs to be stacked in order to cap block when in a reduced-block map, or how to balance damage vs. attack speed on permanent sources thereof in order to benefit the most from VR's damage increase, or what values to avoid in a phys reflect map (VR can easily kill you there if you let it accumulate). Notably, when playing as a melee Gladiator, you will have at least 2–4 stacks at all times during combat, usually closer to 10–20. In some highly specific scenarios (e.g. some bosses and delve node encounters) it can exceed one hundred easily. My current record is 268, made with 82% max block:
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding DoT damage taken doesn't account for conversion 0 Take e.g. Incandescent Heart ("25% of Elemental Damage taken as Chaos Damage"), go to the Calcs tab, look at the calculations for elemental DoTs. Same with (emulated) Divine Flesh. The mod itself is recognized but only works properly for hit damage calculation.
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Implement (better) support for "Nearby Enemies take increased/more Physical Damage" 0 1. The fossil mod "Nearby Enemies take 9% increased Physical Damage" is currently not supported at all. 2. Pride only has basic support at the moment; there's no way to see how much more damage the enemy takes if they spend more time inside the range (this needs a configuration dial).
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Implement support for missing %damage taken/damage dealt mods 0 1. Brinkmanship (passive notable) — "5% reduced Area Damage taken from Hits" 2. Beacon of Ruin (Elementalist notable) and the corresponding Ascendant notable — "Shocks from your Hits always increase Damage taken by at least n%" (should override lesser values) 3. Destructive Apparatus and Volatile Mines — "Each Mine applies 2% [reduced damage dealt|increased damage taken] to Enemies near it, up to 10%" 4. Sanctuary (Inquisitor notable) — "Consecrated Ground you create applies 10% increased Damage taken to Enemies" 5. Withering Presence (Occultist notable) — "Nearby Hindered Enemies deal 15% reduced Damage over Time" 6. Frigid Wake (Occultist notable) — "Nearby Chilled Enemies deal 10% reduced Damage with Hits" 7. Opportunistic (Assassin notable) — "10% reduced Damage taken while there are at least two Rare or Unique Enemies nearby" 8. Weave the Arcane (Trickster notable) — "6% reduced Damage taken for 4 seconds after Spending a total of 200 Mana" 9. Ghost Dance (Trickster notable) — "2% reduced Damage taken per Ghost Shroud" 10. Explosives expert — "8% reduced Area Damage taken from Hits" 11. Fortify — increased effect when Dread Banner is planted 12. The Unshattered Will (buff from the Harbinger of Focus) — 20% reduced Damage taken 13. Shield corruption — "4-6% reduced [Area Damage taken from Hits|Damage taken from Projectiles]" 14. Enfeeble — "Cursed [Normal or Magic|Rare or Unique] enemies deal n% less Damage" 15. Sporeguard — "Enemies on your Fungal Ground deal 10% less Damage" 16. Taunt — Taunted Enemies deal 10% less Damage to other targets 17. Malediction — "10% reduced Damage dealt, 10% increased Damage taken" That's all I remember; there might be some more. Edit 20 Oct: Added Occultist notables and Malediction.
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Fix the base for Dying Breath 0 Should be Iron Staff (level 13, 18% block implicit), not Coiled Staff (level 23, 20% block). This was changed in 2.6.0.
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Notify the player if the enemy physical hit damage specified is lethal 1 There's the field on the Configuration tab where you can punch in enemy physical hit damage. You can put some arbitrary values there that will affect the damage calculations on the Calcs tab. While the calculations currently show the overall mitigation percentage, they don't indicate in any way if the damage specified will exceed the current life total. A simple warning in red like "Warning! Damage taken exceeds the current life pool by *n* hit points" below the table would be sufficient.
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Add support for the missing boot enchantment 0 "8% chance to Dodge Spell Hits if you've taken Spell Damage Recently" is currently not recognized. As far as I can tell, all of the others are.
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Expand the damage taken calculation with manual input fields and verbose mitigation statistics 0 This is a long-term sister to my feature request about lethal damage notification. It is intended to aid defense prototyping against demanding endgame damage scenarios. It might work better as a separate tab altogether to avoid screen clutter. What kind of inputs it should be able to take: * Base enemy Physical Hit Damage * Base enemy Fire Hit Damage * Base enemy Cold Hit Damage * Base enemy Lightning Hit Damage * Base enemy Chaos Hit Damage * Base enemy Physical Damage over time * Base enemy Fire Damage over time * Base enemy Cold Damage over time * Base enemy Lightning Damage over time * Base enemy Chaos Damage over time * % increased Monster Damage in area * % of base Physical Hit Damage converted to Fire Damage * % of base Physical Hit Damage converted to Cold Damage * % of base Physical Hit Damage converted to Lightning Damage * % of base Physical Hit Damage converted to Chaos Damage * % of base Physical Hit Damage added as Fire Damage * % of base Physical Hit Damage added as Cold Damage * % of base Physical Hit Damage added as Lightning Damage * % of base Physical Hit Damage added as Chaos Damage * % of non-Chaos Hit Damage added as Chaos Damage * Hit penetrates % Fire Resistance * Hit penetrates % Cold Resistance * Hit penetrates % Lightning Resistance * Affected by Extra Physical Damage Aura * Affected by Substantial Extra Physical Damage Aura * Critical Strike multiplier * Critical Hit checkbox (enables the crit multiplier field) * Applies Bleeding checkbox * Applies Poison checkbox * Applies Ignite checkbox (enables ignite base dropdown list) * Ignite base dropdown list: Fire Damage; All Damage (this is to accommodate the Conflagrating map prefix) These should take into account other configuration options, including those not implemented currently (such as Enfeeble and other multipliers to Damage dealt, as well as multipliers to extra Damage taken from critical strikes, and sextant area modifiers). What kind of output it should provide: * Physical Damage taken (if applicable) * Fire Damage taken (if applicable) * Cold Damage taken (if applicable) * Lightning Damage taken (if applicable) * Chaos Damage taken (if applicable) * Breakdown of percentage of each type of damage in the hit post-mitigation * Breakdown of mitigation per type of damage as well as overall mitigation percentage * Percentage of physical damage mitigated by armour (if applicable) * Resulting Bleeding DPS (if applicable) * Resulting Poison DPS (if applicable) * Resulting Ignite DPS (if applicable) * Resulting Critical Strike multiplier (if the crit box is checked) * Total life pool required to survive the Hit (with a warning if it exceeds the current combined life pool) * Physical Damage taken over time (if applicable) * Fire Damage taken over time (if applicable) * Cold Damage taken over time (if applicable) * Lightning Damage taken over time (if applicable) * Chaos Damage taken over time (if applicable) Perhaps the hit and the DoT fields and resulting calculations should be visually separated from each other. Ideally there should also be an ability to save the damage data so that it could be easily loaded into the calculator as a preset (the same way it's currently done with items), e.g. Shaper Slam, Izaro Wind Slash, Atziri Flameblast, and so on. Perhaps some of the popular presets could then be distributed with PoB, so that anyone could immediately tell whether their build can handle them. That's most likely a lot of work, so I don't expect it anytime soon, but it would definitely help optimizing endgame and purpose-specific builds (especially on Hardcore leagues) and troubleshoot odd-looking deaths. Damage conversion is surprisingly deceptive, so prototyping potentially deadly scenarios can save players a lot of grief and provide a deeper insight into the value of mitigation mechanics they are using.
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Add support for missing league-specific unique variants 0 1. Shadowstitch (missing all variants based on corrupted implicits) — Incursion 2. The Queen's Hunger (missing all variants based on the veiled mods) — Betrayal I created a separate request for Paradoxica because it isn't in the list at all.
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Add sextant modifiers to the configuration 0 Map Modifier pane on the Configuration tab is missing some of the mods that affect calculations, such as "Players and Monsters take 10% increased [Physical|Fire|Cold|Lightning|Chaos] Damage", "Players deal 100% increased Damage while stationary, Players take 10% increased Damage while stationary", etc.
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Add enemy attack, cast, and movement speed debuffs to the Configuration tab and their effects to the Calcs tab 0 This is important to track for crowd-control builds that stack debuffs to enemy action/movement speed. Such debuffs include: 1. Temporal Chains — all action speed (x% less, capped at 75%). 2. Chill — all action speed (x% reduced, capped at 30%). 3. Hinder — movement speed (x% reduced depending on the source). 4. Maim — movement speed (30% reduced by default, VRoA applies 150% increased effect). 5. Tar — movement speed (50% reduced). 6. Soul of Gruthkul — attack speed. Note that The Flow Untethered (skill cast by Harbinger of Time) increases the action speed of monsters, partially negating the effect of TC/Chill. There is also Vine Snare, but it is only accessible randomly via Headhunter and related effects, so it doesn't need support. Notably, it is currently possible to reduce movement speed to a point where most enemies don't even attack you because they can't finish the movement they started quickly enough. The main exception to this are bosses with "Cannot be fully slowed", for whom it is important to hit the total 30% action slow they are limited at.
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Add support for Animated-Guardian-worn uniques with aura buffs/debuffs 1 In particular Leer Cast, Dying Breath, and Victario's Flight, whose buffs and debuffs don't result in any changes to the character's stats when the minion is animated using these items.
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Add full support for item quality 1 1. "+x% to Quality" affixes (both separate and hybrid) are currently unrecognized. 2. Every time you want to change the implicit quality on the item (emulating the end result of a Perfect Fossil, Hillock's bench, or the 30% beastcraft), you have to edit it and manually change the value. Not convenient at all, considering many items are actually sensitive to this—particularly the unique weapons with a high flat physical damage on them or armor pieces with high flat defenses. Also, there are cases where you actually want the quality to be 0%. I propose changing quality into a slider that will default to 20% and will be limited at 0% on the lower end and the maximum attainable on the item on the upper end. The currently attainable maximums are: * 26% for flasks (any of them) * 30% for uniques (beastcrafted) except Paradoxica and The Queen's Hunger which can go up to 48% * 48% for rare weapons, helmets, gloves, and boots (30% implicit + 18% crafted mod) * 50% for rare body armors and shields (30% implicit + 20% Dense Fossil explicit)
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Add missing fossil mods to the item affix pool 0 Missing mods that I've found: 1. "(15–25)% increased Effect of Fortify on you" (Dense Fossil on Str, Str/Dex, Str/Int helmets) 2. "(25–50)% increased Global Evasion Rating when on Full Life" (Dense Fossil on Dex, Str/Dex, Dex/Int helmets) 3. "(3–4)% Chance to Block Spell Damage" (Dense Fossil on Int, Str/Int, Dex/Int helmets) 4. "(10–20)% chance when Hit for double Armour effect" (Dense Fossil on Str, Str/Dex, Str/Int boots) 5. "(3–4)% chance to Dodge Attack Hits, (3–4)% chance to Dodge Spell Hits" (Dense Fossil on Dex, Str/Dex, Dex/Int boots) 6. "Regenerate 1% of Energy Shield per second" (Dense Fossil on Int, Str/Int, Dex/Int boots) This is very likely not an exhaustive list; I'll add more if/when I find them.
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Crafting Bench modifiers do not respect any of the crafting rules 1 When using "Add modifier... → Crafting Bench", you can do a lot of what would've been impossible in the game. In particular: 1. Multiple of the same exact mod 2. More than 3 prefixes or suffixes, or more than 6 affixes total 3. Mutually exclusive mods Additionally, it would've been great if one could tell immediately whether the crafting bench mod is a prefix or a suffix without consulting external resources. This is done for essence mods but not the crafting bench mods which are more frequently used.
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding The Eternity Shroud's "Gain x% of Elemental Damage..." mod should have a variable roll 0 It's currently fixed at 5%, but should be 3–5% (see:


Project Feature Comment When
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Dedicated Workarounds Box To be honest, the better solution would be to support these stats in the first place. about 6 hours ago


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about 1 hour ago LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Touch of color to the sidebar wall of stats
about 2 hours ago LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Crimson Dance Bleed Damage Calculation
about 1 month ago LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Necromancer ascendancy "Bone Barrier" node buff support
about 1 month ago LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Shattering Steel All Projectiles option
about 1 month ago LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding New coated shrapnel version
about 1 month ago LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Correct attack speed for Molten Strike projectiles
about 1 month ago LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Support Greater Echo
about 1 month ago LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Sorting for the node power
about 1 month ago LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Enemies killed explode dealing #% of their LIfe as Fire Damage (Item Skill)
about 1 month ago LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Add support to inquisitor's consecrated ground nodes and the innate 100% crit chance.
about 1 month ago LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding 15 Unique Timeless Jewels (Items > Uniques)
about 1 month ago LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Combined minions DPS