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Name Description Features Votes
CatalysmsServerManager/7-days-to-die-server-manager A server manager written with NodeJS 31 76

Features suggested

Project Feature Score Description
CatalysmsServerManager/7-days-to-die-server-manager Banned item list 2 Kick/ban players who have certain (normally unobtainable) items in their inventory
CatalysmsServerManager/7-days-to-die-server-manager Allow mass edit of players 9 Mass deletion, role set, ...
CatalysmsServerManager/7-days-to-die-server-manager Manage server ban list from CSMM 5 Basically a web interface to control bans instead of doing it via built in commands


Project Feature Comment When
CatalysmsServerManager/7-days-to-die-server-manager Banned item list Implemented in v1.11.1 3 months ago
CatalysmsServerManager/7-days-to-die-server-manager Discord chat integration improvement. 1. Implemented 2. If you want to display certain server messages in chat bridge channel, you can use custom discord notifications for that 3 months ago


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