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BurgerLUA/burgerstation New burger station but ZOMBIES????? - Autisme #3276 6 I have a idea id be willing to help develop with making a new git forking from burger station too try things diffrent Zombie base survival meme When the game begins everyone enters a "lobby room" where they can just talk and plan. when the round start. everyone has to drop a ship which will "crash" planet side. They will then have to setup base before the first wafe hits A more indepth construction system. Where you can scavange the planet for supplies like guns, ammo and wood to barricade with. Player will scavange the map for loot before the first wave starts to prep a propper base to survive in. Bosses will spawn around large loot caches with the idea that they can fight these boses at later rounds. Once a wave starts. Many enemies will spawn that will attack the base(maby a beacon structure players need to defend) and the players. players must fight off the wave as best as they can once round ends, the remaining zombies will attack but no new ones will spawn. Players will again scavange for supplies for a next harder wave Every wave would give supply points to the team to spend how they see fit. Ammo guns meds etc can be purchased(maby a personal and public credit pool). The round ends wiether when the players die out or perhaps some "final wave deal" Other then maby cosmatic items and skills/lvl. Players will not save there items between rounds. I think that this would make a much more interseting gameplay loop, as it can be fully fleshed out and balanced much better. Because all players currently share the same play space you have to choose to either make everything hard and impossible for new players, or easy and trivial for late game players. Existing mechanics can still be fleshed out like herb gathering for medicine or fishing for food to give temporary stat boosts.


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