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croneter/PlexKodiConnect Add 'Set Filter' setting => Plex Collection is Kodi Set or Tag 1 PKC reads Plex collections into both tag and set fields. Could there be a "SetFilter" option in settings that puts any with this text into Sets and the rest into Tags, or if left empty just put in both (so as to not affect existing output), getting them all in both is a pain. e.g I would use SetFilter = " Set" to catch "Alien Set" but "Fav" would end up in Tags. Using the XBMCnfoMoviesImporter both Set & Tag fields in nfo files are imported into Plex Collections as there's nowhere else for them to go.
croneter/PlexKodiConnect Automatically create nodes under Movie/TV/Music 36 The category nodes you auto-create are great but are created at top level. If created 'under' the Movie/TV/Music category subfolders? (in front of existing Genre, Title ones) They would then auto-appear very obviously in their relevant home menu Movies/TV/Music categories section not buried under the videos sub-menu. I did this myself manually + Music didn't seem to create any categories so I added them using a rule of Path contains "music-subpath" e.g: "/music.archive/" or Path contains "full sub path" (using Browse in Kodi) would be e.g: "smb://" which fully differentiates Plex libs. That said I've now created my own ones anyway so would prefer an option to not generate them at all!
croneter/PlexKodiConnect Can PKC use Kodi .nfo files? 1 Does PKC use kodi style .nfo files + artwork files if they are available in same folder as media(using direct paths)? If so can nfo files be made to take priority over Plex data if they exist? (especially set & tag fields). If PKC did use nfo files could it detect the media type from nfo file also. So if it sees musicvideo ones put them in the Kodi MusicVideo section. You might then ask why use the plugin, well because it sync's watched status, play position, recently watched etc really well with plex + gets round having to use mysql + plex works on many more devices than kodi so it keeps things nicely synced. Plex imports all my data from the same nfo files in the first place anyway, as once setup there's no need to ever go online again to retrieve metadata which seems very wasteful. They can be generated by using Kodi->Settings->MediaSettings->Library->Export Library. PS - I notice all feature requests in here originate from original author, is it OK for the great unwashed to barge in? Here's an example musicvideo one that I use a modified version of the movie nfo reader to import into Plex <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?> <musicvideo> <title>Someone Like You</title> <originaltitle>Someone Like You</originaltitle> <rating>9.8</rating> <votes>5</votes> <epbookmark>0.000000</epbookmark> <year>2011</year> <top250>0</top250> <track>-1</track> <album>21</album> <outline></outline> <plot>"Someone like You" is a song by English singer-songwriter Adele. Written by Adele and Dan Wilson for her second studio album 21. The pop ballad was inspired by a broken relationship of hers, and lyrically it speaks of Adele coming to terms with it. XL Recordings released the song as the second single from the album on 24 January 2011 in the United Kingdom and on 9 August 2011 in the United States. Accompanied only by a piano in the song (played by co-writer Wilson), Adele sings about the end of the relationship with her ex-boyfriend. The song received positive reviews from music critics who chose the song as a highlight on the album and praised its simple sound. The lyrics and Adele's vocal performance in the song were also praised. / / Following a well-received performance of the song at the 2011 BRIT Awards, "Someone like You" became Adele's first number one single in the United Kingdom and it stayed on the top of the chart for five weeks. The song also topped the charts in Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Italy, France, Switzerland and has become Adele's second number one in the United States. With that achievement Adele became the first female British solo singer in the history of the Billboard Hot 100 to have two number ones from the same album. In July 2011, it became the first single of the decade to sell a million units in the United Kingdom and it was certified Platinum by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), as well as being certified triple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in the United States. / / An accompanying music video for the song was directed by Jake Nava and it was filmed in Paris, France. The video showed Adele walking alone through the streets with a sad look on her face. Critics praised the video for being simple and perfect for the sound of the song. Adele performed the song on several award and television shows including the 2011 BRIT Awards, 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She additionally added the song on the set list of her second tour Adele Live. The live performances of the song were heavily praised by music critics and fans. "Someone like You" was the first recipient of the Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance at the 54th Grammy Awards, held on 12 February 2012.</plot> <tagline>HK</tagline> <runtime>4</runtime> <thumb></thumb> <mpaa>Rated NR</mpaa> <playcount>0</playcount> <lastplayed></lastplayed> <id></id> <genre>MV-PopNew</genre> <set></set> <director>Jake Nava</director> <premiered>2011-01-01</premiered> <status></status> <code></code> <aired>2011-01-01</aired> <trailer>plugin://plugin.video.youtube/?action=play_video&amp;videoid=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLQl3WQQoQ0</trailer> <fileinfo> <streamdetails> <video> <codec>avc1</codec> <aspect>1.77777779</aspect> <width>640</width> <height>360</height> <durationinseconds>285</durationinseconds> <stereomode></stereomode> </video> <audio> <codec>aac</codec> <language>Und</language> <channels>2</channels> <default></default> </audio> </streamdetails> </fileinfo> <artist>Adele</artist> <resume> <position>0.000000</position> <total>0.000000</total> </resume> <tag>HK</tag> <musicBrainzArtistID>cc2c9c3c-b7bc-4b8b-84d8-4fbd8779e493</musicBrainzArtistID> <musicBrainzTrackID>028efe7f-cdfb-4135-846f-848f2fff15b1</musicBrainzTrackID> <musicBrainzAlbumID>e4174758-d333-4a8e-a31f-dd0edd51518e</musicBrainzAlbumID> <dateadded>2016-04-14 04:01:41</dateadded> </musicvideo>
croneter/PlexKodiConnect Settings option to import Plex 'home videos' into kodi 'musicvideos' 3 Presuming you can differentiate between plex movies and plex home videos it would be handy to have an option to import home videos into the Plex musicvideos library instead of the films library to aid separation. I use Plex home videos for musicvideos. If option by default was off it would not affect current working.
croneter/PlexKodiConnect Option to prevent PKC generating the extra nodes, tags, sets per Plex lib 1 PKC imports the collections from Plex into tags/sets (which is fine though just using sets would be more apt imho), but then it adds extra tags/sets based on the Plex library name and then creates menu nodes based on these. It would be nice to have an option to disable this. I created my own nodes based on "path contains 'partial file path'" for the different Plex libraries and ideally wouldn't have Kodi bloated with the extra tags/sets/nodes. The default option would be to generate these sets/tags/nodes to leave current working unaffected but an option to not do so would be great.


Project Feature Comment When
croneter/PlexKodiConnect Alexa / Amazon echo support This works in UK now on FireTV-4K (as of yesterday), I had it working but Alexa is not great at understanding things tbh. over 2 years ago
croneter/PlexKodiConnect Settings option to import Plex 'home videos' into kodi 'musicvideos' Having looked at the code I can see this won't work in this way. I have written code to achieve this by looking for musicvideo in the library name (still a bit rough) but kind of working. However I wonder if you can just use Kodi for musicvideos and Plex for the rest without any interference. I kind of got that impression looking at the code, but I'm not sure? over 2 years ago
croneter/PlexKodiConnect Automatically create nodes under Movie/TV/Music Here is a link to a zip of the menu I use with PKC under Estuary. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9vlVdp4KXXidnB6eWJkdFVhdVk To see it create a new Kodi profile, log into it, then copy the unzipped contents over the library folder in root of profile and restart Kodi. It may make a good start for others to edit who want their own as it's fairly time consuming to do. It doesn't use the tags/sets PKC generates but uses partial file paths instead. over 2 years ago
croneter/PlexKodiConnect Add 'Set Filter' setting => Plex Collection is Kodi Set or Tag The motivation is to keep sets and tags separated within Kodi, even though they end up merged in Plex. Otherwise you start to see files grouped as Sets in Kodi based on tags when they shouldn't be, rendering using sets redundant as navigation becomes too difficult. e.g: I use Kodi style .nfo's to populate Plex data using the XBMCnfoMoviesImporter, this stores both tags and sets as collections in Plex. I name all the sets ending in the word "Set" e.g: "Alien Set" so when seeing them in a list it's clearer. Plex itself just uses collections as a filter, it doesn't display them grouped as Kodi does so within Plex interface having them grouped is less of an issue. I therefore proposed if a simple filter could be added into settings where I could type in the word " set" (case insensitive and prefixed with a space in my case). PKC would then store all Plex collections containing this filter as Sets in Kodi and the rest as tags. This would therefore not affect any existing users who chose to leave it unpopulated, but would enable tags & sets to be used as intended within Kodi. E.G: One tag I do use is "Played" to mark files as played so should a need arise to rescan data, Plex can be filtered on this and easily re-marked as played. Another tag use is to mark favorites for different users e.g: JS, MS, DS (people's initials) so then different users can filter music files. Again if data gets wiped the nfo files will always exist as a master to easily recreate things. over 2 years ago


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about 2 years ago croneter/PlexKodiConnect Change functionality of Kodi's "Refresh" button for an item
over 2 years ago croneter/PlexKodiConnect Settings option to import Plex 'home videos' into kodi 'musicvideos'
over 2 years ago croneter/PlexKodiConnect Option to prevent PKC generating the extra nodes, tags, sets per Plex lib
over 2 years ago croneter/PlexKodiConnect Automatically create nodes under Movie/TV/Music
over 2 years ago croneter/PlexKodiConnect Add 'Set Filter' setting => Plex Collection is Kodi Set or Tag
over 2 years ago croneter/PlexKodiConnect Can PKC use Kodi .nfo files?