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croneter/PlexKodiConnect [strm files] use PKC alongside and 3 Origin: The current version of PKC doesn't play nice with different add-ons or offline media. The add-ons CastagnaIT/ and Sandmann79/ offer greater interoperability though the way they integrate themself in the Libary. Instead of writing directy to the database like PKC does, they create placeholder directory trees in there add-on data directories, which can easily be integrated using Kodi's internal scrapers. ``` ├── Movies │ └── _Movie_name_ │ └── _Movie_name_.strm └── TV └── _Show_name_ └── _Show_name_ - S00E00 - _Episode_name_.strm ├── movies │ └── _Movie_name_ │ └── _Movie_name_.strm └── shows └── _Show_name_ └── _Show_name_ - S00E00 - _Episode_name_.strm ``` The strm files itself contain internal add-on links, that can start every add-on process needed for proxying or playback. That way it's easily possible to merge my netflix, amazon and offline librarys and keep them up to date, since the add-ons keep there directory trees in sync and Kodis scraper do there thing. The Amazon add-on even provides additional information through *.nfo files. I would love to get an option for PKS, that also create a placeholder directory trees using strm files. Since the only important information, that I got from the wiki is the URL "", strm files could look like this: ``` plugin:// ``` That way the PKS can be provided with all needed information. That way PKC woud play nicely along every other add-on and configuration. It could also be a great alternative to writing directly to Kodis database, that I would consider as risky.


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