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pmario/file-backups File Save & Backup Utility For TiddlyWiki 3 3

Features suggested

Project Feature Score Description
pmario/file-backups test-001 1 this is a test, just to see, how it looks like.
pmario/file-backups test-closed -1 you'll be there to be closed.
feathub/feathub Enable Up-Votes only mode 4 As an owner of an open source project, I want to have the possibility to enable an "Up-Votes only" mode. IMO the best way to contribute, is to create a "new" suggestion, which gets more up-votes. If a user doesn't want to support a suggestion, they have the possibility to comment, and argue why a different approach is preferable. ... Best case: Better suggestion! have fun!
pmario/file-backups test-002 1 an other test


Project Feature Comment When
pmario/file-backups test-closed test 12 months ago


Vote When Project Feature
12 months ago feathub/feathub Enable Up-Votes only mode
12 months ago pmario/file-backups test-closed
12 months ago pmario/file-backups test-002
12 months ago pmario/file-backups test-001