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tidusjar/Ombi Add "Pending" to filter criteria on Requests tab 0 As the admin, it would be helpful to be able to select "Pending" as a filter criteria so I can see the movies that I still need to disposition.
tidusjar/Ombi User notes for Issue types other than "Other" 3 For example, if a user is reporting a missing subtitle, it might be good to specify what language the missing subtitle is.
Radarr/Radarr Option for Plex to "Analyze" when upgrading media to higher/different quality 0 I have Radarr set up to notify my Plex server on download, rename and import. When Radarr upgrades a movie with a higher quality version, Radarr triggers Plex to re-scan the library. Since the movie already existed and the new version has the same name, Plex doesn't analyze the video and therefore the track information, subtitles and media metadata is incorrect, often leading to failures when playing on the plex clients. I would like to see an option to perform an "Analyze" function when Radarr upgrades a movie to a higher quality. The "Analyze" function is different than a library refresh/scan.


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over 1 year ago Radarr/Radarr Plex library integration
over 1 year ago Radarr/Radarr Automatic unmonitoring at Cutoff-Quality
over 2 years ago tidusjar/Ombi Additional filter needed for hiding approved requests