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pmsf/PMSF Raid End Time toggle 2 Would love the ability to have the option to show the time the raid ends below the raid. Idea is for it to be like the "Raids Timer" toggle, but instead it shows the time when the raid ends instead of how long until the raid ends. Would be even better if it showed the "spawn time/end time" for eggs, so when planning raid trains you can see directly on the map (without tapping eggs) when eggs will hatch and when the raid will end. This would be incredibly useful for coordinating raid trains since at a glance on the map you can see exactly the time when raids end without having to tap on them. Ideally it would be a check box next to the toggle that would allow it to switch from time left on the raid to the time when the raid ends.


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27 days ago pmsf/PMSF Raid End Time toggle