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Features suggested

Project Feature Score Description
Guake/guake Support for Permanent or Pinned tabs 74 Pinning tabs would enable guake at boot to start a few 'saved' tabs that are executing the same command they did on the last run, and are ordered in the same way as they were during the last run.
Guake/guake Open new tab next to currently open tab 7 Just like web browsers open links from one tab in a new just to the right of the current tab, it would be nice to have the same behaviour for Guake. It would make it easier to have related tabs be next to eachother in the list.


Project Feature Comment When
Guake/guake Allow separate, independent guake terminal sets per display in multi-display situation Having separate independent guake terminal sets would be helpful for different workspaces too. over 3 years ago


Vote When Project Feature
over 3 years ago Guake/guake Open new tab next to currently open tab