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MichaIng/DietPi Software | Upmpdcli 0 i use dietpi as "high-end" streaming client with mpd, shairport and "DLNA/UPNP". Currently the gmediarenderer is part of dietpi standard as renderer for upnp. But mpd and/or gmediarenderer hold exclusive locks on Alsa devices there use. For an easier change between playing music via mpd or upnp it make more sense to use upmpdcli as upnp/dlna renderer ( upmpdcli is a "front end" for mpd acts as renderer and outsources the playing of streams to mpd. Therefore the system has one clean "playing" chain. The advantage of using mpd as playing service is the detailed configuration and the cancellation of all software layers which changing the music signal.
MichaIng/DietPi Software | spotifyd 30 spotifyd is a Spotify daemon working as a spotify connect service. It is developed in rust and make no longer usage of the deprecated libspotify


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