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Flexget/Flexget Timeframe for quality upgrade 4 My scenario: every day I'm watching new series. I want to watch the best quality available at the moment I sit to watch them. Usually it's within 12-15 hours from the first release. But I don't need better quality a week or even month after the episode was originally released. Currently the series/upgrade option is a binary switch. I propose to add timeframe to it, the same way the "propers" working now. So you could either use upgrade: yes/no, or upgrade: 15 hours.
Flexget/Flexget Inject from WebUI 2 Extend WebUI "Execute" feature to allow "inject" command, with fields for title and URL, and force/accept switches.
Flexget/Flexget Pass extended entry fields from guessit 0 The latest versions of guessit are able to parse some additional fields from the title, some of which could be useful, for example "streaming_service". It'd be nice to be able to use it in the flexget configuration.
Flexget/Flexget Cache trakt data 3 Since trakt is not always reliable (overload, error 502 and whatnot), and usually doesn't change as often as tasks run, it'd be good if flexget could cache user's trakt data for a user specified period of time (trakt\_cache: yes OR trakt\_cache: 1 hour).


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over 2 years ago Flexget/Flexget Cache trakt data
almost 4 years ago Flexget/Flexget Cycle config backups
almost 4 years ago Flexget/Flexget Timeframe for quality upgrade