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Name Description Features Votes
spacem/dngearsim Dragon Nest Gear Simulator 34 1
spacem/dnskillsim Dragon Nest Skill Simulator 5 0

Features suggested

Project Feature Score Description
spacem/dngearsim Improve page loading time 0
spacem/dngearsim Show 3d model of weapons, armours and costumes 0
spacem/dngearsim Allow comparison of two builds 0
spacem/dngearsim Prevent builds from containing multiple of same item 0 The tool lets you create a dancer with two wands, five quivers, and two of the same plate
spacem/dngearsim Show where items can be obtained 0
spacem/dngearsim Allow saved groups to be deleted 0
spacem/dngearsim Make stat calculations align 100% with town stats 0
spacem/dngearsim Support for welsprings 0
spacem/dngearsim Show whether an item can use server storage 0
spacem/dngearsim Support more skills 1
spacem/dngearsim Use information about bosses to find how much damage each of the bosses skills will do 0
spacem/dngearsim Allow create of saved group from saved group page 0
spacem/dngearsim Show jelly/lustre amount required for enchantment 0
spacem/dngearsim Support for guild rewards 0
spacem/dngearsim Reduce browser memory usage 0
spacem/dngearsim Show if item can be bought or sold in the market 0
spacem/dngearsim Support for pets/ally 0
spacem/dngearsim Show the icon for each piece of equipment 0
spacem/dngearsim Support for growing growth spirits 0
spacem/dngearsim Split items like necklace, ring into separate categories 0
spacem/dngearsim Filter out items that are not valid 0 It is hard to know what is real. titles especially might have been given out in events to certain playèrs but there are a lot that are obviously not. Things with no stats, Korean names, lancer gear for machine.
spacem/dngearsim Add subtle animations 0 Subtle css animations may be useful to indicate moving to next item/build and may make for cleaner page transitions.
spacem/dngearsim Auto select damage type/element based on class 0 Users may want to change these but could default based on chosen class. ie. saint would be magic/light.
spacem/dngearsim Auto build wizard 0 Create a build automatically based on a number of choices. For example you might choose offensive/defensive, max enchantment level, a particular grade/level for equipment, name of costume. The sim would then give a basic starting point that could be tweaked instead of having to start from scratch.
spacem/dngearsim When changing language also change the text in the UI 0 Other versions use heraldry instead of plate, etc but also could consider users that cannot read English
spacem/dngearsim Split up expedition and normal plates 0
spacem/dngearsim Reuse class/job from last selected build on search 0
spacem/dngearsim Add descriptions on titles 0 The data files have descriptions for each title that may help show where a title is found
spacem/dngearsim Separate class selection from build edit/create screen. 0 Instead of selecting from a dropdown it may be better to have a separate screen where classes are grouped by base class and shown in a tree perhaps with pictures.
spacem/dngearsim Save builds online not just in the browser 0
spacem/dnskillsim saving builds 0 Would be nice for skill builds to be saved automatically instead of just saving the url
spacem/dnskillsim dps simulation 0 run simulations based on a given skill rotation to calculate the dps for a skill build
spacem/dnskillsim support hosting on github 0 Currently the app requires node.js which means the site may sometimes not be available because the free hosting plan on heroku requires a certain amount of downtime each day. Could be architecture to be a single page app with no server dependencies.
spacem/dnskillsim support multiple regions 0 Would be nice to be able to switch regions like in dngearsim. Also for data to be updated without redeploy of the application.
spacem/dngearsim Show newly released items 0 Potentially could store somewhere a the version number of when an item first appears in the data then have a screen that shows what is new in the latest update.
spacem/dngearsim Allow adding items directly from the search screen 0 Sometimes you want to add a whole set for example you search for police and you want to just add all items that come from the search.
spacem/dngearsim Show affect of large changes better 0 Can see the affect of changing an item but often more than one item will be changed at a time. For example an entire set of accessories or to change lv90 vs lv93 you need to change gems too. Right now if you want to compare these changes you need to make a new build which is a little awkward.
spacem/dngearsim Show changes between releases 0 When there is a new update it would be nice to see what skills or item stats changed
spacem/dnskillsim published builds 0 be able to publish builds and let other users browse other peoples builds


Project Feature Comment When
spacem/dnskillsim support multiple regions about 5 years ago
feathub/feathub Allow anonymous votes (without signing on GitHub) My users don't have github accounts and creating one is a hurdle to them voting or suggesting almost 6 years ago


Vote When Project Feature
about 2 years ago feathub/feathub Delete project
almost 6 years ago feathub/feathub Allow anonymous votes (without signing on GitHub)