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Project Feature Score Description
liaralabs/swizzin Backup / Restore 20 The best feature I could ask for would be a backup/restore feature. You would have 2 servers. Old server, and new server. You would hit the backup button on Old server, and this would backup a list of everything you have installed, and all of the configurations for the apps it installs. None of the data that the apps gather, but just the configs. The new server would restore the file that was downloaded from the backup. This would leave the servers, pretty much identical, assuming youve already migrated the data to the same paths.


Project Feature Comment When
liaralabs/swizzin transmission client I second this. I use transmission, and it works perfectly. even has a great remote app i can use on mac. about 1 year ago


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about 1 year ago liaralabs/swizzin Backup / Restore
about 1 year ago liaralabs/swizzin Speedtest module
about 1 year ago liaralabs/swizzin transmission client