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formulahendry/955.WLB Bosch Group(博世集团)- 上海/苏州/无锡/南京/长沙/杭州 37 130 多年来,博世作为全球领先的技术和服务供应商,始终为遍布全球的员工提供了塑造美好未来的机会。改善人们的生活质量并节约资源的有益创新是博世发展的动力。我们鼓励员工保持个性化,并将多元化视为公司的财富。为了提高员工创造性和工作满意度,我们努力让员工在工作和个人目标之间实现健康的平衡。这种平衡也是我们的员工实现出色表现的基础。 For more than 130 years, we have offered our associates around the world the opportunity to shape the future with a leading global provider of technology and services. Beneficial innovations that improve the quality of people’s lives, and save resources, drive our work. We encourage our associates to be individuals and see diversity as an asset. Our company enables its associates to strike a healthy balance between professional and personal aims, as we see this as a decisive means of promoting creativity and job satisfaction. This balance also shapes the foundation of our associates’ outstanding performance. Source: https://www.bosch.com.cn/careers/why-bosch/


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over 2 years ago formulahendry/955.WLB Bosch Group(博世集团)- 上海/苏州/无锡/南京/长沙/杭州