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lidarr/Lidarr Ability to search for, and map multiple releases under the same album 20 At the moment, you can select 1 release per album, and change it accordingly. There is a possibility, however, that 2 different version might be sought after (for example, vinyl + CD or original + limited edition). It would be useful to add a second release per album allowing the user to manually import the release, or further down the line to automatically search for two different versions and map accordingly.


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2 months ago lidarr/Lidarr Please allow Interval adjustment for Task: Refresh Artists.
over 2 years ago lidarr/Lidarr In artist > album list, differentiate visually if the album is present but cutoff not met
over 2 years ago lidarr/Lidarr Easier track matching
over 2 years ago lidarr/Lidarr Ability to add OST
over 2 years ago lidarr/Lidarr Import Last.FM Artists
over 2 years ago lidarr/Lidarr Differentiate releases (digipak or country specific releases for example) and have lidarr grab them based on a profile.
over 2 years ago lidarr/Lidarr Select default Release County and Medium