Paypal and Local Users

f3rr311 asked for this feature 11 months ago — 5 comments

f3rr311 commented 11 months ago

Have Plex Requests integrate with paypal subscription payments (Maybe others like amazon) and allow local users with passwords so that you can have paid users of the plex requests

tidusjar commented 11 months ago Admin

So the users with passwords will be available with the next release, so this is having some sort of payment method/gateway inside Plex Requests

| JonnyWong16 commented 11 months ago

This is a bad idea. It just encourages "pay to access servers", which should never be a thing with Plex.

| harroguk commented 11 months ago

IF there was to be some sort of payment portal then it would need to be on the Plex Integration side, not on the requests side.

On top of that I am in agreement with @JonnyWong16. "Pay to access servers should not be a thing".

tidusjar commented 11 months ago Admin

I think this does break the EULA of Plex too.

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