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epitsi asked for this feature about 3 years ago — 3 comments

epitsi commented about 3 years ago

With Couchpotato being unreliable for a while now, many of us have moved on to using the "watchlist" feature provided by some search providers for monitoring/fetching movies (Sonarr is still awesome for TV shows).

I don't know if the APIs for this are available, but would it be possible for Ombi to upload the requested movies to an IMDB watchlist instead of simply sending them to Couchpotato? That would provide more flexibility into how to handle those requests, rather than the current two options of either having to use Couchpotato, or having to take manual action.

tidusjar commented about 3 years ago Admin

Wait, so instead of sending the request to CP, you want it added to IMDB?

I guess you have something looking at your IMDB watchlist?

This seems like a very specific request, not sure how much this would benefit other users, if there are enough upvotes i'll consider it.

epitsi commented about 3 years ago

I'll try to give a bit more detail on my reasoning.

Couchpotato has been acting up for me for quite a while. The most recent thing is that it won't automatically start downloading things because it can't properly figure out the release ETA. I spent a lot of time searching for solutions, only to find a large number of frustrated users in forums everywhere, that have abandoned Couchpotato.

In an effort to look for alternatives, I figured that one of my indexing providers (DogNZB), provides the ability to automatically monitor an IMDB watchlist, and fetch movies from it. If not for this type of integration, you have to go to their website, add a movie in a very similar way to Couchpotato, with the big difference that there everything just works.

I understand that it is likely that my request does not justify any dev time. But even if you don't implement my suggestion, it would be great regardless if there was a mechanism to decouple PlexRequests from having to use Couchpotato. Honestly, even something as simple as dumping everything to a CSV file would work, and I can hack together the rest :)

Thank you so much for building Ombi!

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