Poll Radarr/Sonarr when a user initiates a search (or on a schedule) to see if the item already exists

simonk83 asked for this feature about 4 years ago — 2 comments

simonk83 commented about 4 years ago

When a user searches for a movie that's already added to Radarr, Ombi should probably know that it exists in Radarr already and show that after the users searches for it. Show it as "already requested" or something along those lines.

There's no point letting them request it again and then show an error when the admin tries to approve it, which is how it appears to work at the moment.

That would mean polling the radarr/sonarr api more often (or at least on a search) I guess, but it'd make for a better experience

PotatoQuality commented about 4 years ago Admin

This is already in Ombi.

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