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jpenberthy asked for this feature 9 months ago — 5 comments

jpenberthy commented 9 months ago

I approve all requests, because I don't mind making it available. Though I would like someway to reject it, weather it is just for space or maybe I cannot get it. So you should be able to mark the item rejected for cause and list a reason, then it sends an email to them (and even a slack message, etc).

tidusjar commented 9 months ago Admin

So we already have an option to "Deny" a request, so I guess you want some way to inform the user?

We can send them emails as long as there is an email on their account (being Plex or Local user), but doing some sort of Slack message per user is a bit too much (unless you mean a slack notification to a channel?)

| ksbansal commented 9 months ago

I think what jpenberthy is trying to say is that he has his requests set to all auto approve, but once approved their is no way of rejecting that approved request afterwards. The only options after approval are remove and mark as available.

I have had the same issue. The requests are all set to auto approve but sometimes I would like to reject the approved request with a reason sent to the requester.

| leram84 commented 9 months ago

I believe the term we're looking for here is "blacklist". This would be useful as well so that if another user went to add that item it would not let them and would say "blacklisted".... plus the notification to the op would be good too.

| ksbansal commented 9 months ago

leram84 nicely put :)

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