Per user root folders

mgiljum asked for this feature about 4 years ago — 4 comments

mgiljum commented about 4 years ago

Have the option to set which library a movie/show will be downloaded to on a per user basis (ie. John's movies go to \Bob\Movies and Jane's go to \Jane\Movies)

| FlynnLives commented about 4 years ago

really impractical as the directories are pulled from Sonarr for example

| FlynnLives commented about 4 years ago

you could always add root folders to sonarr/radarr/couchpotato etc and approve it for those directories

| mgiljum commented almost 4 years ago

Not impractical at all if your library is set up that way. I don't need to approve all my wife and daughters movies, but I don't want them all in my library.

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