Allow multi users to get notification of content

ksbansal asked for this feature 9 months ago — 7 comments

ksbansal commented 9 months ago

At the moment only the person who requested the content will receive the notification. I'm suggesting a notification toggle next to each request whether it be a movie or tv show

| tidusjar commented 9 months ago Admin

An option to enable all users to get a notification of new content? I think the user should decide if they want it, agreed?

Maybe a new "Feature" in the Manage users bit for the admin to enable it, but also allow the user to Enable/Disable it

| ksbansal commented 9 months ago

Yes thats exactly what I meant. A notification toggle for users who want a notification on a movie or tv show that has already been requested. Allow the users to decide if they want the notification.

| jneljeff commented 9 months ago

Yes, as @ksbansal elaborated right here.

| chrisausbun commented 8 months ago

It would also be nice to be able to add a secondary email address since some users share their Plex accounts with other people (i.e., their significant others). That way if one requests a movie, both will get the email since there's no way to tell who requested it between the two.

tdorsey commented 8 months ago

Pushover currently supports something similar with Delivery groups http://updates.pushover.net/post/58172624706/introducing-delivery-groups

Basically, everyone signs up for a pushover account, you add everyone to a group you create, and then configure Ombi to notify the group instead of a particular user key

| bobbintb commented 6 months ago

I was about to suggest something similar. I like the weekly newsletter option but I'd like if there was a way for the user to go and view a list of all TV shows available on Plex and be able to select ones they get notifications for. That way they would get notified instantly if a new episode of their favorite show becomes available. I'm not sure if I am talking about the same thing as everyone else though. This might be better handled elsewhere but I don't want my users to have to deal with multiple systems. Movies would have to be handled differently because they aren't episodic, likely by requests made instead .

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