Support for SSO implementations like PlexAuth

Burry asked for this feature about 2 years ago — 4 comments

Burry commented about 2 years ago

Many of us use nginx to reverse proxy Ombi outside our network along with other Plex/Emby-related services. SSO implementations like PlexAuth (https://github.com/hjone72/PlexAuth) can be used to authenticate a server admin and their Plex friends before allowing access to any of these services. It would be awesome if Ombi could provide support for external authentication methods such as these, so that if configured properly we could bypass the Ombi login screen and authenticate another way.

| AngryNoodlez commented about 2 years ago

+1 to Burry's idea. I also use PlexAuth for a custom SSO Setup with the meteor version of PlexRequests currently which was easy to implement SSO for given its "authenitcation" method. (Username written to key/value pair in local storage)

Would love to be able to test out Ombi with SSO support and see how my users like the new feature set it offers.

Unimatrix0 commented 12 months ago

This is now available with Plex SSO.

junfan commented 28 days ago

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