Blu ray release dates

ksbansal asked for this feature 9 months ago — 13 comments

ksbansal commented 9 months ago

This is a feature I can see a lot of people wanting.

tidusjar commented 9 months ago Admin

Where do you want this to be shown? What benefit does it bring?

| ksbansal commented 9 months ago

Personally I get my movies when they come out on blu ray. I'm sure there are others who do the same.

A blu ray release date would give the user a rough estimate of when their request will be available. I have had countless users asking me when their requests will be available which means I have to manually check for bluray releases for them, or tell them to look for it themselves.

The release date should be shown under the title of the movie before and after it is requested.

| ksbansal commented 9 months ago

*under the title of every movie

tidusjar commented 9 months ago Admin

Unfortunately the API I am using does not support this yet: https://developers.themoviedb.org/3/movies/get-movie-release-dates

| ksbansal commented 9 months ago

I'm not a programmer, but wouldn't it be one of these from the link you've provided? 4 Digital 5 Physical

| ksbansal commented 9 months ago

Just did some reading around. I see why you can't use your current API.

| ksbansal commented 9 months ago

Rotten Tomatoes provides DVD release dates which is the next best thing from blu ray release dates. RT API docs: https://developer.fandango.com/docs/read/rotten_tomatoes/json/v10/New_Release_DVDs and https://developer.fandango.com/docs/read/rotten_tomatoes/json/v10/Current_Release_DVDs

tidusjar commented 9 months ago Admin

Problem with that is, it's another external call which will slow down searches and loading of requests...

| ksbansal commented 9 months ago

couldn't you make it a toggle for admins to decide if they want to use it? Theirs no other way really apart from using another external call as your current api doesn't support the feature. The toggle is the best solution.

bobbintb commented 6 months ago

I think the physical release date from the current API would suffice.

FlynnLives commented 6 months ago

this is something that couchpotato/radarr already do why be redundant

| ksbansal commented 6 months ago

It allow users who request movies to get an estimated date on the release on plex.

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