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leram84 asked for this feature about 2 years ago — 11 comments

leram84 commented about 2 years ago

I've seen this come up, but i can't remember if Jamie has made a ruling on it :) Since ombi is no longer plex only, i would REALLY love to see LL support. I would never give users access to sonarr/radarr, and the same is true of LL, so ombi really would be the missing f-ing link! It gets a bad rap, but ebook automation does work! It just desperately needs a front end for users. Plus this could just be turned off like music, and wouldn't get in anyone's way if they didn't want it.

tidusjar commented about 2 years ago Admin

Isn't LazyLibrarian abondonware though?

| leram84 commented about 2 years ago

DobyTang fork is active af! And i already brought this up w the dev and he said ombi should have api access for everything it needs, and would be willing to work w u if anything was missing (paraphrasing). I've only been playing around with it for a few days, but im starting to think it is a very underrated tool. Again - early testing, but so far, it looks like another CP-esque misunderstood app that is capable of quite a bit, as long as you put in the work to configure properly. But yeah, definitely the dobytang fork

ethanopp commented about 2 years ago

+1 Please add this!! DobyTang fork VERY active

| MrMxyzptlk commented almost 2 years ago

+1 This is now a VERY active project...updates daily for the last 6 months. It works great for books, magazines, and audio books. PLEASE, add this to OMBI!

Thanks in advance.

| xthursdayx commented almost 2 years ago

+1 this would solve a bunch of problems! It shouldn't be any harder than adding Headphones support since LL is based directly on Headphones code. Thanks!!

naq90 commented over 1 year ago

+1 This would be a godsend for me.

| CoderKiwi commented over 1 year ago

This would be very appreciated!

| b-rockx commented about 1 year ago

+1 would love this!

| cyberaesthetic commented 4 months ago

registered just to give this a +1

junfan commented 28 days ago

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