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nemchik asked for this feature over 2 years ago — 1 comment

nemchik commented over 2 years ago

I think it would be nice if users had a preference page where they could go and check a box that allows them to opt in or out of the newsletter.

Maybe also allow them to opt in or out of mass emails. It might be useful if the admin could set a preference on the main settings to the effect of "allow users to opt out of mass emails" so that preference could be hidden from users if the admin requires that mass emails be enabled for all users.

For users with Plex auth, this page could also display their Plex username and email address, but not allow them to edit that info (maybe display a note about that info being tied to their Plex account).

For local users, allow them to edit their email address.

Some other (wishful thinking) ideas just for fun: Display all the content a use has requested on their profile, and maybe allow them to modify their requests from here

Based on other feature requests: If multiple users have interest in a specific request, have a "me too/follow/+1/thumbs up" button to express their interest (giving the request more weight when the admin reviews requests, thus helping the admin determine interest) and possibly receive a notification on other requests they are interested in, allow users to unfollow or remove interest in a request from their profile (as well a from search, or wherever else).

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