Add trakt.tv Support

raynotroy asked for this feature over 4 years ago — 3 comments

raynotroy commented over 4 years ago

This is a double feature request.

1) When user clicks on a movie take them to the trakt.tv page instead of the IMDB page

2) Integrate requests with trakt.tv watch list. When a user adds a movie to their watch-list it should automatically request that movie on behalf of the associated user. This would mean under user management I need to add the trakt.tv username for each user.

| snickers2k commented about 2 years ago

i personally have lot's of movie's already in trakt watchlist. also importing trakt-trending and trakt-popular .. so my watchlist is pretty much the main-source for me - which results in Ombi being pretty much outdated in my case - and users would end up requesting tiltes already existing in my trakt-watchlist

to clarify: these should just being marked as "requested". nothing more.

kaiffeetasse commented over 1 year ago

couldn't you just add the trakt playlist in radarr/sonarr?

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