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CallMeRev asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 3 comments

CallMeRev commented over 3 years ago

I think this is a core option missing , it would be cool to be able to set for each request an auto delite option after x days. There are alot of ppl wanting this : (https://github.com/tidusjar/Ombi/issues/338) and it wont be that hard since plex has a interigated delite option from its ui

| curlz620 commented about 3 years ago

This could be really cool. Especially if we could manage it globally and on a per user basis. i.e. 5 admin chosen users content is retained forever, while other users content is removed after 30 days OR if PlexPy integration is achieved after the request user has watched the content then 7 days later the content is removed.

| dephcon commented almost 3 years ago

tying in with per user disk space usage: https://feathub.com/tidusjar/Ombi/+236

If users can see how much space they're using, they can manually delete some of their requested content to return space. This could also be tied into a system to (roughly) limit users by disk space.

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