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xp-1000 commented over 3 years ago

Hi, I know the new name of the project (PlexRequestNet to Ombi) is not because of technical reasons.. And yet there seems to be an unexpected effect, it gives me the impression of a more agnostic application. With this (totally personal) logic, may be it is normal to think to more general mediacenter support. I propose emby because the closest alternative to plex currently but it also could be kodi. Personnally, I use plex from long time now and it is a good product which works fine. At this moment, after let my users use plex / emby at their choice, I notice the majority use emby. I manage both and in the technical point of view, I prefer emby now for several reasonswbr> So I hope my last user will soon go to emby and I could finally stop it plex and only use emby. The problem is if it happens there is a last problem : I will loose this good ombi which only support plex currently. So I confess, it is a feature personally motivated :) but I think it is a good a feature. In any case, Thanks for your work. Bye

| tidusjar commented over 3 years ago Admin

This has been on my radar, I think it's a good idea, a lot of work, but a good idea.

Reason for a lot of work is that we are currently heavily tied into Plex e.g. Plex User login etc. But we could do it.

xp-1000 commented over 3 years ago

Hi tidusjar, thanks for your answer This is very good to hear that ! I assumed that you already thought about it Indeed, I agree with you, seems there is lot of work but may be it is possible to forward step by step, not mandatory to implement an equivalent of each plex based feature for emby. For conflicting or duplicated feature between plex and emby, it is also possible to make it easier in a first time : just ask the user to choice only one media center between plex and emby. In this way, you don't have to deal with conflicts, just have to call the right function depending of current settings (user has enabled plex or emby) It does not remove the complexity and the work size but it allows you to implement feature one by one and when emby or other is in same level of plex, you could make both cohabit together (and at this moment deal with potential conflict) For example, "Movie availability" is a feature which depend of plex because it check if the movies is in the library and display this availability in ombi. In first step, seems possible to implement function to check movie availability in emby (like for plex) without lot of complexity. Then either emby or plex is enabled by user but not both in the same time. In this way, the "availability" field will be populated with the dedicated mediacenter selected function (plex or emby) withtout change anything other. In a final step, you could handle the cohabitation with creating one "availability" by enabled mediacenter. It is just an idea because you are right, try to integrate emby at the same level of current plex support will be hard all of a sudden. I would like to help you with that but I did not touch at c# from my school day and I am not realy good with webfront dev but at least I can make a donation and test features with my emby. If I can help you in other way please tell me, may be can I help with backend developement. Thanks for your time and your work

| Waseh commented over 3 years ago

I would be very interested in this as well and would be more than happy to donate towards it!

| tocks53 commented over 3 years ago

it's a very good feature.

+1 for create a plugin in emby

| CBers commented over 3 years ago

+1 for an Emby integration.

| CBers commented over 3 years ago

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| fonzie24 commented over 3 years ago

+1 for Emby integration

I almost want to make the switch to Plex simply because of Ombi, but I am tied too heavily within the Emby ecosystem. Having Ombi support Emby as well would be fantastic! I really do hope it becomes a reality.

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