User specific quality profiles + multiple quality profile option for specific users

bleomycin asked for this feature over 2 years ago — 4 comments

bleomycin commented over 2 years ago

Most of my users don't appreciate super high quality content, so my default quality profile in Ombi for radarr/sonarr grabs fairly low bitrate content to not waste disk space. However, some of my power users can tell a difference. I would like to give those users the ability to specify a quality profile for the content they are requesting as they know enough not to waste resources when unnecessary. They should be able to choose between the these profiles on a per-request basis.

| demonbane commented almost 2 years ago

I'd definitely like to see this as well. I have a lot of friends/family who have slow internet and watch shows that nobody else watches. I want to be able to have those for them, but downloading and storing 1080p only to have it transcoded to 720p or lower isn't very efficient.

| marcel5454 commented almost 2 years ago

Is this feature being worked on? It would be really helpful especially with 4K HDR Movies and 1080p. since Plex cannot convert a 4K HDR movie into the right colorspace having multiple Qualities is the only option.

| Retalak commented 6 months ago

This. Even just a permission allowing users to access the same "Quality Profiles" drop-down on the requests page that admins and power users already can, but the user obviously only being able to change their own requests. Very helpful if they request an older or less popular show and all of the episodes can't be found in the default quality.

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