Use Netflix API to check if content request is already on Netflix.

Xenocell12 asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 7 comments

Xenocell12 commented over 3 years ago

Hello Gang,

Great software by the way!

I have a proposed feature request.

I'm not sure if this guy has a license to his code but this was sort of a personal attempt to help Plex admins see what they have in their Plex Library already vs Netflix.

Maybe you can make sense of this?


So picture this...

While users search for items to request for Plex- on TOP of the method of matching of what admins already have in their Plex Library, maybe also have it match to see if it's on Netflix?

I can see concerns with this. Would this stir a problem with Netflix servers? Does a database need to be made? Proxy? (Netflix has gigantic server farms so I don't think its a issue afterall???)

Much like having a label stating it is available on the admins plex server, have a label that mentions it is on Netflix.

| tidusjar commented over 3 years ago Admin

Why not! Add an option to enable it, since it would slow the search down slightly with the extra external call, but sure! What do other people think?

| ksbansal commented over 3 years ago

This is a great idea! Would be nice if you could also add Amazon's API to check content.

| topper59 commented over 3 years ago

Love it! Would it be possible to cache the Netflix database locally so an external call doesn't have to be made? Kinda like how PlexPy uses Maxmind and their GeoIP database.

| tidusjar commented over 3 years ago Admin

That would be one huge db. I'd rather not, I'd rather call out to a service e.g. netflixroulette.net/api/ to get the data. That way I do not have to worry about maintaining the data etc.

| tidusjar commented over 3 years ago Admin

Plus I could do it as a separate request in the search, so the search results wouldn't be any slower, it would be displayed and then a second later the "Available on Netflix" could appear.

| tidusjar commented over 3 years ago Admin

This is in the EAP build!

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