Auto Import movie lists from IMBD and/or Trakt?

seanvree asked for this feature almost 3 years ago — 6 comments

seanvree commented almost 3 years ago

Would be cool if each user could input their IMDB /trakt "watch/wanted" lists to have PR add to their request list. PR should be able to "monitor" said list so if a user adds a movie/TV to their IMDB watch list, it gets sent to PR, then off to CP/Sonarr accordingly. CouchPotato already has this feature, however, if you have multiple users' lists added in your config, you don't know where the snatched movie came from.

This would be hard to do for TV (since you would have to have user interaction to define episode/season, but fairly easy for Movies.


tidusjar commented almost 3 years ago Admin

I'm not sure about this one, it has been discussed before on another issue.

It does avoid the point of the actual product slightly, The aim of "Ombi" was to provide a easy to use interface for users to request content.

PhyberApex commented almost 3 years ago

I for one would love an export to those lists, because my downloads already get handled by that. So a approved request ends up being added to a list in trakt/imdb.


| seanvree commented almost 3 years ago


Right, I understand, but if you could put in the user's IMDB list into their user management, then the request would still come from that user. They can still use the interface as normal, this is just one way to make things easier since everyone uses IMDB>

| snickers2k commented 3 months ago

i personally have lot's of movie's already in trakt. also importing trakt-trending and trakt-popular .. so my watchlist is pretty much the main-source for me. So Ombi is always pretty much outdated in my case - and users would end up requesting tiltes already existing in my trakt-watchlist

| snickers2k commented 3 months ago

to clarify: these should just being marked as "requested". nothing more.

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